Receptionist Interview Questions and Answers

Receptionist Interview

Searching for a job can be a real hustle. From preparing a resume to searching for opportunities on job boards and crafting cover letters. It can be so overwhelming. Whether you are preparing to be interviewed or to interview, you need to prepare well.

Top Questions to Expect at a Receptionist Interview

As you understand, a receptionist is a foremost employee that comes into contact with visitors. Thus, every company that administrative office with high regard. You have to prove to organize yourself, have skills and a welcoming attitude. We have compiled some top questions you should expect in an interview for this position. Review them for easy preparation.

1. What strategy do you employ when trying to cope with a huge workload?

  • What They Want To Know: It is an ideal question for an interviewee who has previously worked in a similar position. If you haven’t, do not panic, guess you’ve ever been busy even in your studies? Well, that can also serve as an answer here. The interviewer expects you to say how you organize yourself


“In my final semester, I had loads of assignments from four different disciplines, and exams were just three days away. I had to set a schedule that enabled me to finish on time. Besides, organizing myself well helped me to use my time efficiently.”

2. What are some of the software you have used previously?

  • What They Want To Know: As you know, you will hold a critical administrative position if selected. Therefore, the prospective employer expects you to have at least a basic understanding of office documentation software. You should mention every software you have used before the interview.


“I have ten years of experience in using Microsoft office. I have also handled tasks that require the use of Access severally. I am proficient in the use of specialized software, especially the calendar management and communication software.

3. What outstanding quality should a skilled receptionist have?

What They Want To Know: A reception should display what customers expect of an organization. Since you interact directly with visitors, the interviewer wants to know your view on the position. You should talk about the skills you have, including those you read in the job advert.


“A complete receptionist must be organized and with a good attitude. Also, he or she should portray a good image of the company. An image that speaks what the company stands for. If you select me for this position, these are the things I’ll ensure in each interaction”.

4. Are you experienced in using multi-line phone lines?

  • What They Want To Know: It’s a yes or no question, therefore, give a straightforward answer. It’s either you have the said experience on not, period! If you say no, try to support your answer in a way that suggests that you are willing to learn the skill.


“I have not operated multiple phone lines before, but I am ready to learn it. I am a fast learner, and I will catch up quick. I’ll start training in advance before my reporting date if I am selected to fill this vacancy.”

5. How fast can you type, and what’s your error rating?

  • What They Want To Know: You should understand that this is another straightforward question. Ensure you answer it convincingly like a prospective receptionist. If you’re not sure about the two things you’ve been asked, here is how you can tailor your answer:


“Lately, I have not assessed myself on how fast I can type, but I can do an online test after this interview and share the results with you. However, I believe that I can type pretty fast, having typed so many academic papers. I am also keen to detail, and I proofread and edit my work to avoid errors.”

6. Have you applied for other jobs previously?

  • What They Want To Know: In this question, you must be honest. However, while doing so, ensure the interviewer understands that the company has been your first choice all along. Well, that may not seem smooth but here is how you can do it effortlessly:


“Yes, considering I am unemployed, I have been chasing some opportunities. Even so, working in your company has been my dream because of your core values and the diversity this position offers.”

7. Tell me of your experience with a difficult client

  • What They Want To Know: He or she is aiming at knowing whether you’ve ever been in an uncomfortable situation before. Therefore, you need to explain how you managed to calm the situation. He or she understands that you’ll have to deal with unhappy and upset customers.


“Previously, in my part-time job at a retail store, a customer became so angry and loud at the receptionist desk I was sitting. Since he wanted to see my boss, I explained with a calm voice that my boss would call him at a convenient time. He calmed down and left, looking satisfied.”

8. How do you keep yourself organized?

  • What They Want To Know: One of the top qualities of a receptionist is the ability to stay organized. You have to prove to the interviewer that you can organize yourself. Also, show him or her that if you are lucky to fill the position, everything under you will be in control.


“I have an inherent sense of organization. I have the calendar that I use to organize events from a day to another. I also make a daily to-do list that I stick to. I keenly organize documents in separate files to ensure they are easily accessible.”

9. Have you managed confidential information before? How did you do it?

  • What They Want To Know: In your position, you’ll, at many times, access confidential information. He or she wants to know how you will handle such information. You’ll need to prove that you can hold on to private information even in a situation you are pressed to give it to a third party.


“Yes, I would handle the information carefully without displaying it on my desk. If anyone asked for private information, I would not let it out until I prove the owner has authorized them. I would also go the extra mile to call and confirm before sharing it.”

10. Describe the duties you did in your previous job as a receptionist

  • What They Want To Know: Remember the responsibilities you wrote in your resume? The interviewer wants to ascertain whether you took part in them. Besides, he or she wants to see whether they relate to the job you’re interviewing for. You can use the opportunity to elaborate on your work experience.


“In my job at a clothes store, I would speak to clients first. I would also answer phone calls both for the business and the company managers. I was also responsible for sending mails and escorting visitors to boardrooms for meetings.

11. How many members of staff worked in your previous office?

  • What They Want To Know: The interviewer is aiming at understanding your previous work environment. He or she is aiming at knowing what similarities and differences exist with the office you’re interviewing for. Also, to find out whether you can work in a big or small office.


“In my previous office, we were six employees. We almost looked like a blended family. You could know where everyone was and what they are doing. However, before that, I worked in an office with forty employees. At first, it was not easy because it seemed crowded, but eventually, I adapted.”

12. Are you ready to work overtime?

  • What They Want To Know: Honesty is vital in this question. If you’re dishonest, your employer will find out when you start working. If you’re not willing, you should say no. If you can work overtime with limits, you can say that also. Even though some companies prefer employees who work overtime, lying can get you in the wrong position.


“I am ready to offer services overtime but just a few times in a month. Also, I would appreciate it if you inform me about it in advance so that I can reorganize myself. Sometimes I can work overtime even without notice, but I’d prefer a heads-up on the day before.”

13: What quality can I use to distinguish you from the other interviewees for this vacancy?

  • What They Want To Know: Now it’s that moment that you should use to show that you deserve it more than any other interviewee. It’s your chance to shine; use it well. Make it clear that you can deliver if given the job. Mention your strengths and any experience you have gathered in the past. Here’s a possible answer to this question.


“If you select me to fill this vacancy, I will wow you with my outstanding skills. My capability to organize myself and to handle huge loads of work will astonish you. I take my job serious mindedly and offer solutions to problems, and I believe that is what a great receptionist should do.”


Landing a job has been a hard task recently. With stiff competition from other interviewees, it will take hard work and proper preparation to get there. Therefore, put your fast foot forward by reviewing and practicing the possible questions above. They are among the main questions you should expect to come across in any receptionist interview.