How to Answer “Why Should We Hire You?”

Why Should We Hire You?

In today’s article, we are going to teach you how to answer the question, “Why should we hire you?

The entire interview process is a chance to sell yourself and show your potential employer why you are the best choice for their position. By asking questions, the interviewer is trying to gather data to inform their hiring decision. This question can be asked in many formats, including;

  • “Why should we hire you?”
  • “What are you bringing to this position?”
  • “Why are you the right fit for this position?”
  • “Why are you the best candidate for this job?”

Whichever the question, your answer should be a concise and straightforward sales pitch that explains what you have to offer to the employer. Even if the interviewer doesn’t ask this question as it is, you should be ready with an answer.

Why do they ask this question?

Remember when you were applying for the position? You submitted your resume and your cover letter. And so did every candidate. Then you were shortlisted, and tens of candidates attended the interview. So what gives?

The employers want to make sure that you know what they need and that you can provide it. Already, they know that you are qualified for the job. That’s why you were invited to the interview.

From the other candidates invited to the interview, there are perhaps some who are more qualified than you. You, therefore, have to use this opportunity to show them that you are the best fit.

The hiring process is a risk to the company. Even the interviewer’s job is at stake with every hire. When you are hired and perform exemplarily well, the interviewer is perceived intelligent and might also take a bonus home. But when the candidate doesn’t get along well with the team, performs poorly, or even leaves prematurely, the professional reputation of the interviewer is at risk.

You need to convince the interviewer that:

  • You will fit in remarkably and be a great addition to the team
  • You will do the work exceptionally and deliver results
  • You have a great combination of skills, knowledge, and experience that makes you stand out from the crowd
  • You will make his life more comfortable and make him look smart by recommending you

How to answer the question

First of all, you need to be confident and not be overwhelmed by the process. It is normal, and many professionals have gone through it. This is your chance to stun them and show them what you are made of.

When you are preparing for the interview, review the job description again. Jot down the requirements for the positions, such as skills, qualifications, and personality traits. Then make another list of the skills you have that match these requirements.

You can go beyond and think out of the box. Consider those skills that you possess and are not listed in the job description. These should make you a better candidate for the position. For example, you might have a particular certification that makes you understand the company’s market better than the typical salesperson.

Your answer should be a summary of three or four reasons why the interviewer should recommend you. It is essential to have three or four strong points accompanied by important reasons, rather than just babble a long list of strengths with no relevance.

This is your opportunity to demonstrate your most impressive strengths and describe your most critical selling points. They should be tailored to meet the requirements in the job description.

Your selling points should be a combination of the following;

  • Technical skills
  • Industry experience
  • Soft skills
  • Awards/accolades
  • Education/training
  • Key accomplishments
  • Experience in performing specific tasks and duties

You can always bank on achievements and success stories, more so if you can demonstrate how a key performance (a marketing strategy, for example) shows the desired skills (for instance, creativity or results-driven).

One approach is to mention any potent combination of skills and experience you might have. For example, if you have programming skills, you can describe how you can combine that with the team leadership experience that you have.

Follow the following three steps to learn how to answer this question;

#1. Brainstorm– This is the part where you match your skills and experience with the job requirements. As we’ve already discussed, you need to review the job description again. The following questions should help you go through this part;

  • What are the most important skills and qualifications for the company?
  • Which of these areas are you a master in?
  • Of your accomplishments, which are the most impressive?
  • What makes you stand out from the other candidates?

#2. Structure your answer– This is where you take note of the 3-4 most important points that will define your sales pitch. Don’t write a script to memorize simply. Write in bullet point form. Each bullet will explain the selling point with a brief description or an example. Keep it concise.

#3. Practice– Once you are satisfied with the bullet points, it’s time to practice. Remember, you should not memorize like a script. Memorizing might make you sound like a robot or nervous once you forget a point. Go through your bullet points, grasp them until you can explain them without referring or trying to remember the specific wording. Each time you practice, the explanation should come out different from before but still capture the desired message. You will also improve your confidence.

Examples of the Best Answers

Example 1

“That’s a great question. From what I’ve already learned about your company, you are looking for someone who can come up with a marketing strategy and push your sales to an upward trajectory, is that correct? (Assume the interviewer says “Yes”) In that case, I’d like to tell you that in my former role, I helped plan a strategy that included social media, where we saw the company’s numbers go up.”

Why this answer is great: In the beginning, you notice that you show the interviewer some gratitude. This always shows the interviewer that you appreciate the opportunity. There is also a question to the interviewer, which helps get further clarification for the requirements.

Refer to an occasion where you demonstrated what they need in a candidate. This will leave you very memorable in the interviewer’s eyes.

Example 2

“Well, I am the perfect fit for this role as I have the skill and experience that you are looking for. I am confident that I will be remarkable in this project managerial role. It is not just my experience in spearheading successful projects for great companies. Neither is it my people skills, which have helped nurture strong relationships with vendors, developers, and senior managers. But I also have passion for this industry, and I am driven by the motivation to deliver true value.”

Why this answer is great: This sums up how you meet the company’s needs. This is shown when you mention your skill; in this case, it is project management, relationship, and people skills. The answer is a bit general, and if you wanted to enhance it, including the examples of successful projects, companies you worked for, and show evidence of the great relationships you’ve cultivated.

Example 3

“This is a vital question in this process. Thank you for asking. Looking at the job description and what you’ve said today, the company is looking for a skilled communicator and a marketer with experience to grow your business. You also need someone who will help your company stand out among its competitors. In my previous posting, I increased the company’s online activity by 24% by planning and implementing targeted social media advertising. That is the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit that I will bring into the company. Your success will be my priority.”

Why this answer is great: This answer demonstrates your ability to perform by percentage. You can better your chances of getting the job by getting more descriptive and using real figures. By showing a direct impact on the firm, the interviewer is likely to remember you and recommend you for the position.

Example 4

“I believe that my proficiency in technology, especially my special skillset in designing, developing, and maintaining websites, makes me fit for this position. In my past role, my duties included maintaining the department’s web page and blog. I was required to update members’ and workers’ information, as well as post information about any upcoming events. I learned programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, and Swift. I then used the skills I had gained to give the website a makeover. This earned me accolades from my colleagues, manager, and head of department alike. It would be my pleasure to bring my coding skills and passion for learning new skills to this firm.”

Why this answer is excellent: Remember, we said the interviewer wants to know what makes you stand out from other candidates. This answer broadly explains your qualities. Further, it shows that you already know what the company is looking for, and you have the confidence to fill the position. You also demonstrate that you possess the skills that are more difficult to find in other people.

Example 5

“Oh, wow! Where do I even start? I have been an ardent traveler ever since I could walk. When I became an adult and could book flights for myself, your company was always my first choice. Skyhigh Airlines has always made my long-distance sprees a pleasure and something to look forward to. I would be more than honored to work with you. Besides, I believe that my multitasking skills and patience are second to none. This will help me become your best flight attendant yet.”

Why this answer is great: First, this answer shows that you are enthusiastic. By the rhetoric question and further narrating your history with traveling, you will light up the mood and bring in mild flattery. The interviewer will most probably remember you for this. You also show that you have the company’s interest at heart. Other than that, you show how your skills are relevant to the position.

Tips for giving the Best Answer

#1: Tell a story: Pick your qualifications and narrate a short story that will demonstrate how you’ve used your skills effectively in the past. You can begin by discussing what you believe the company is looking for and then narrate. Use your qualifications to fulfill that gap. Make sure that the story is short; one or two minutes longs will do.

#2: Demonstrate how you will add value: For each skill or strength that you have identified, think of particular instances where you used them to achieve set targets or goals. Think of any other skill that you feel would add value. You can also add any previous personal, professional, or volunteer experiences that give you a unique standpoint. This is your moment to show the interviewer that you will be an invaluable employee.

#3: Keep your answer short and straightforward: Make your answer brief. Select one or two qualities from your list of qualifications that you’ll emphasize on. If you are not sure which ones to pick, take another look at the job description. After that, determine which of the skills will add more value to the company.

What to Avoid

Showing desperation: Probably, you need this job to pay off a defaulted loan. However, do not let this show during the interview. The company does not want someone who is desperate or is there for selfish reasons.

General interest: You might get too excited at this opportunity and say vague things. However, you should avoid this kind of attention. Don’t tell that this kind of company or this kind of work interests you. Instead, focus on this particular employer.

Money topic: In the majority of situations, the remuneration is a significant influencer for your need to be hired. You know it, and they too know it. Unless they bring up the topic and ask about your desired salary, don’t mention it. Leave it out of this answer to earn a chance in earning that paycheck.

Perks: Similar to the money issue, don’t let them see that you’re focused on the company’s perks and benefits.

Being too general: You need to personalize your answers. Don’t just give vague and boring answers to jump off your bullet points. Really think about the skills that match the job requirements and make you unique from other candidates.

Bottom Line

By getting well prepared before the interview, you have a higher chance of convincing the interviewer that you are the best fit. Be confident and demonstrate why they won’t regret hiring you. All the best!