Intriguing Philosophical Questions – Mind-Boggling Examples

One of the most interesting things about the human mind is the sheer ability to create and paint a whole world of speculation and interesting notions without any control parameters or guidelines. A different world governed by thoughts and creativity! Philosophical question games remain to be some of the most captivating games in the world and can be appreciated by every age category.

If you wish to spark some interesting talks among friends and family without any sophisticated constraints, we highly recommend this question game. It not only cements the often-neglected creativity traits but also plays a major role in starting an interesting conversation.

Read through and try out some of this thought-provoking

Deep Philosophical Questions

1: Should we care about doing the right thing or just doing things right?

If you are trying to take it easy in the first round, you might want to start with a simpler category. Worth asking though!

2: Do you think nature shapes our personalities more than nurturing them?

You would love to have a variety of people with this one. You’ve got to appreciate a diverse opinion.

3: What is worse between failing at something or never attempting it in the first place?

Philosophical in every manner. Build yourselves up with such questions.

4: If you had the power to change one thing about the world, what would it be?

Measure someone’s thinking capacity and intelligence with this one.

5: What kind of advice would you offer to a ten-year-old today?

It may sound simple on the outside but wait till you think about it.

6: Where is the clear distinction or line between creativity and insanity?

You might want to do some studying beforehand, especially if you’ll be playing with smart people.

7: Should we only care about doing the right things or doing things right?

Both seem to be acceptable, but one has to be more appealing.

8: To what extent do you shape your future and destiny? And what ratio does it have to fate?

Do we ever have complete control over what happens in our lives?

9: What is the ideal way of leading your life?

This should speak volumes about the kind of lifestyle someone desires.

10: Would you rather be well-known or well respected?

Fame over dignity or vice versa.

11: If lying is wrong, should white lies be justified?

We highly advise trying this on your partner/spouse. Especially if you’ve been in a situation involving lies.

12: Do you think aliens and Unidentified flying objects exist?

One of the most-asked questions of our time. No one ever has a definite answer though.

13: Would it be better to love and lose that one thing or never to love?

Everyone should at one moment experience true love, regardless of what fate has in store.

14: Is it better to have the closest people in your life trust you or love you instead?

Another thing that you could use to understand your love ones better.

15: Does sound happen if nothing is physically present to listen to it?

You both might want to take a moment to let this digest. The answers should be interesting!

Hard Philosophical Questions

1: Could we ever have complete happiness without sadness?

Not a hard one per se, just difficult to answer. The truth of the matter is you can never have sunshine without rain.

2: How do people ever believe in truths without any form of evidence?

Learn how different people perceive trust and faith in other people’s words and deeds.

3: Where exactly do thoughts come from?

A typical answer to this would be the brain. Beware asking a medic this question though.

4: Do you happen to know how the world began?

Possibly one of the most-asked question since time immemorial.

5: What gives life and all its events complete meaning?

Shed light into some of the core things and how to live a fulfilling life.

6: How were days and years formed?

You must have wondered about this at one point or another.

7: In your comprehension and definition, what are numbers?

Aristotle and Socrates might have done a great job, but never gave a clear definition of numbers.

8: Could there be an accurate definition of time?

By far one of the hardest questions on this category. Have fun while at it.

9: Where are dreams stored and how do you influence the dreams you have?

Delve into the underlying science of the subconscious part of the mind.

10: Do people have complete free will?

The more important question is that if we allow ourselves to have complete free will.

11: If the world was ending, where would you want to be?

Dive deeper into the activities they would take part in before the world comes to an end.

12: What if your perception of a perfectly fair society?

At the end of the day, it’s only mere speculation. We could never have a perfectly just system.

13: Should the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few?

Depends on the cause behind the needs, but everyone’s got to have an opinion about this.

14: Should we find a way of limiting the amount of money people use and ration it equally to everyone?

It would be hard for someone to root for rationing if they are filthy rich, and vice versa.

15: So far, what actions in your life have had the longest-lasting consequences and would you repeat them?

Hard, but important as it would help others realize the consequences of making mistakes.

Common Philosophical Questions

1: Is it more vital to be a follower or a leader?

It would help you understand whether someone has a passion for leadership.

2: What is the one thing you fear most?

Easily the easiest question in today’s article. Everyone has fears. Some big, some stupid, some reasonable.

3: What is your ideal kind of relationship?

You might want to pull this off on your crush.

4: Is truth relative to different people?

To some, a half-truth is justified. Where’s the line that separates truth from lies.

5: What lengths would you go to save/protect someone you love?

You would be amazed by the extent people can go to save the people they love.

6: When is it ever okay to lie?

Rarely? Many factors influence this answer. Mention them.

7: What is the logic behind gravity and how does it work?

If only Isaac Newton was still alive and had a hotline in case of such questions.

8: Does everything happen because of fate or do you create most of your outcomes?

The battle between fate, destiny, and self-accomplishment will never end.

9: Were numbers created or did they exist even before the creation of man?

There is probably a correct answer to this, derived from the ancient times of astrology and calendar making.

10: What is self-esteem and how can it be boosted?

Don’t worry, philosophical questions can quickly turn into a life skills discussion.

11: Does democracy work properly for every country?

To people with great minds, politics is such a vibe.

12: What is the perfect age for marriage?

Like any other common topic, everyone has their ideology on this.

13: Do you find clowns scary or funny?

Basic, but important. Context is all that matters.

14: Between a dog and a cat, which one makes a better pet?

Nearly everyone likes categorizing themselves as either cat or dog people.

15: Can a person be deemed educated without formal education?

Pass this through your school of thought and determine some of the answers.

Fun Philosophical Questions

1: How would it be if food could feel pain when biting into it?

What if this was the case? We will never know for sure.

2: Why do they usually nail the lids of most coffins?

Watch out for people who have lost a dear one lately. It doesn’t hurt to be sensitive.

3: What color do mirrors have?

Don’t ask a guy this question, by any means. You might get ‘pink’ as an answer.

4: What would you save between an endangered animal or an endangered plant?

If anyone opts to save a plant over an animal, they deserve a Nobel Peace prize.

5: Should a vegetarian eat snacks or food with traces of meat products?

Vegetarian or not, there is no definite answer to this, but it doesn’t hurt getting other people’s opinions.

6: They say a picture is worth 1000 words, but why is reading the book way much better than the movie.

If you are a firm believer in the timeless quote, this will have you thinking twice. Only an artistic mind would be able to answer this appropriately.

7: We consider plump babies as healthy, yet women with great body sizes are often considered unfit and unhealthy.

If this doesn’t turn into a heated talk about people who love body-shaming, I don’t know what will.

8: Do pets ever give us names in their language?

Another one of those interesting questions humankind will probably never get to find out.

9: If wool shrinks independently when it rains, why don’t sheep shrink in the rain?

Thinking about it critically, you will find this funny. Try explaining this logic in your different capacities.

10: At what age is someone deemed to be elderly?

To many, age is just a number, to some, you can be old, but still young at heart. There is no definite truth, but you could always come up with another theory.

11: In a movie theater, which armrest belongs to you and which belongs to your neighbor?

Question of the century. The good thing is that both armrests offer just enough space for two.

12: Why do most women tend to open their mouths when putting on makeup?

Have your lady friends of girlfriend take you through the importance of such small subconscious tendencies.

13: Why are round pizzas stored in circular boxes?

You are not the only person who has thought of this. If need be, you should Google this and find out.

14: Do you think there should be mouse-flavored cat food?

If this was the case, imagine how pets would have a variety of flavors to choose from.

15: Why does milk go bad outside the refrigerator but remain fresh inside a cow?

Of course, you would find the answer to this online, but first, what do your friends have to say about it?