60 Impressive Best Friend Tag Questions

Best Friend Tag Questions

In a world full of skeptical friends, it is essential to get yourself at least one best friend, whom you can count on at all times. Before you call someone your best friend, how well do you know them? More importantly, how well do they know you?

Best friend tag questions are some of the greatest conversation-starters, the easiest way to appreciate how strong your friendship is and a way to understand each other in-depth. There are different variations of playing and you are at liberty to choose the most preferable one as long as you both take turns to answer each other’s questions.

With our all-encompassing categories, you will be able to maneuver easily and create harmony when playing. Make it fun and lively by awarding marks for each question to see who knows the other person better. Let’s get to it!

Common Best Friend Tag Questions

#1: Who was my first kiss and how was it?

Every best friend should have this in mind. Past relationships should be at your best friend’s fingertips.

#2: What is my favorite genre of music and movies?

Another essential your bestie should know. Don’t forget the questions go both ways. You also have to mention their favorite genres.

#3: What’s my favorite playlist on either Spotify or Apple Music?

You can make the game interesting by first asking the music platform preference. You must hang out with someone often to know this one.

#4: What is my idea of the perfect date?

This could be easier to answer for girls than boys because girls are vocal about what they want in their lovers.

#5: What phone or computer application do I use the most?

Using something often does not mean it is someone’s favorite. Go ahead and ask why they use it often.

#6: What is the one thing you are super proud of about our friendship?

Time to highlight some of those pros. Don’t be amazed if you both have this in common.

#7: What is my religion and what faith do I profess?

This should be one of the most basic things to know in any relationship. Best believe no best friend would fail this.

#8: Have we ever been in a heated argument or fight? If so, what was it about?

Don’t let those old arguments and fights take over the game. Make it as positive as possible.

#9: If I could have the life of any famous Instagrammer, who would I choose?

One of the questions that apply in our current fast-paced online lives.

#10: Do you ever judge the people I date and why?

At the end of the day, you both have to understand that your best friend only wants the best for you.

#11: What are my top 3 all-time favorite movies?

Take a good guess. You have small chances to get this one correct. Share the right answers afterward.

#12: What’s your favorite body feature and what do you fancy most about yourself?

Self-appreciation is key. This one should help you focus on your strengths whilst acknowledging where the most progress is needed.

#13: What cars are in our home and what do my parents like driving?

You would expect best friends to hang out often. So this shouldn’t be hard. Aside from that, what cars do you both fancy?

#14: Who’s the better dancer and singer between us?

Don’t be surprised if this brought up some embarrassing moments. The answer should be pretty straight forward.

#15: If you were to make a sandwich for me, which ingredients would you use?

The perfect best friend knows what toppings you like and which ones match your mood.

#16: What’s my favorite and worst drink?

If you have a similar favorite and worst drinks, you should probably be soulmates.

#17: Do I focus on the past or the future? Do you find it appealing or boring?

Both have their pros and cons but focusing on the future should be everyone’s priority. Don’t be too blunt on the second part.

#18: What was my favorite show during childhood?

If they weren’t part of your life back then, there are minimal chances for them to know. Unless you’ve mentioned it before.

#19: Given the chance to play a role with my favorite actor or with you as my best friend, what would I choose?

I’m sure they would understand if you chose to betray them. Some chances come once in a lifetime!

#20: What do I always carry with me when going outside?

Don’t mention phones because that’s obvious. Discover more essentials you both like carrying around.

Deep Best Friend Tag Questions

#1: What is one thing you would like me to change from now henceforth?

Deep in the sense that you have to come clean and mention those peeves.

#2: What five things do you appreciate and hate most about (mention a certain person)

You could ask about a crush, past lover or even a friend within your social circle.

#3: What’s your favorite memory of us and would you like to relive it?

If you both have a load of memories together, then you would be in a huge dilemma. If that’s the case, go for the top 3 favorite memories.

#4: What was your very first honest impression of me?

Everyone tends to remember how the first-time meetup felt like. The important thing here is, to tell the truth. No hard feelings should develop after this.

#5: Is there anything you would like us to stop doing together?

If there is something you want to stop doing together, have a valid reason and structure your explanation in a very understanding way.

#6: What do you find most annoying about me?

Depending on the type of best friend you have, you could either end up laughing about it or mad at each other.

#7: What has been my dream job since I was a kid?

Compare past dreams with the current situation and assess whether things went as planned or not.

#8: Describe my complete personality using one word

It would be very hard to find one word that describes all the traits of one of the people you hold so dear. If it gets too hard, go for a sentence instead.

#9: Guess one thing I do in secret that you don’t know about

We all have things we do privately that people don’t know about. Are you bold enough to trust your best friend with this information?

#10: Have you, at any point in time, laughed about me or my character behind my back?

This is by far, one of the most dangerous questions in this category. It has the potential to end a relationship, so tread carefully.

#11: How many kids would I like to have and why?

If you haven’t talked about kids and the future you would like, it’s high time that you do. You never know what insights you might gain.

#12: Have you ever imagined yourself dating my lover?

On the list of most-dangerous questions, this is in the top three. Checking out or making moves on a best friend’s lover immediately makes you a foe.

#13: What are some of the behaviors you find weird?

This should be interesting. The best thing about it is that the other person will also get to answer it.

#14: Have you ever found yourself ignoring me and for what reason?

Sometimes, disagreements get the best of people. The important thing is that they moved past it.

#15: How would you regret if I died tomorrow? And how would you feel?

Deep in every aspect. If you have an emotional best friend, you might want to have a tissue roll close to you.

#16: If you had a working time machine, where would you take me? Either past or future?

This should tell you a lot about your best friend’s ideal memory or future.

#17: Do I have any favorite place I like to visit now and then?

This is a nice way to introduce your bestie to a fun spot you like hanging out.

#18: Do you find me hard or easy to understand? Mention scenarios

Beware of the strong or highly opinionated arguments that may arise from this.

#19: Would I give a lift to a hitchhiker or take in a homeless person?

You would be amazed to realize people think of you in different ways. Your best friend should know whether you are charitable and kind-hearted or not.

#20: Do you think you know all my darkest deepest secrets?

If there’s a secret you’ve always wanted your best friend to know, now would be a perfect time.

Fun Best Friend Tag Questions

#1: On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate my sense of humor?

After all, is said and done, you can finish the game off with such lively questions. Be honest about it!

#2: What is the most disgusting thing I’ve eaten? Did I do it willingly?

It’s highly recommended that you don’t bring this up while eating. It should be fun knowing some of the weird things your best friend has eaten.

#3: What’s the name of the first person I kissed and did I like it?

With the perfect best friend, this can easily turn into a discussion about past lovers. Laugh about it, knowing you could also be the subject in your ex’s stories.

#4: Do I wash and clean my car often or wait for the rain to clean it?

Anyone who goes with the second option truly doesn’t deserve a car.

#5: Which kid’s show do I still enjoy watching?

Growing up is never really about the physical state, rather a state of mind. Some Cartoons are timeless in every way.

#6: If I was to go for an alternative first name, what would it be?

The fact that people have a way of resembling certain names makes things a lot more interesting.

#7: What has been an embarrassing thing about me all these years?

In as much as you laugh about this, help each other out solve some of these embarrassing behavior.

#8: Would I rather keep a vase of flowers or a live plant in my living room?

This is rather difficult, but if your best friend is a hopeless romantic, you won’t have to think too hard.

#9: Do I like eating in malls or chill restaurants?

The fact that this tells a lot about a person’s character is amazing. Winner buys lunch maybe?

#10: Do I name my personal belongings? If so, give examples

People who name their cars, houses or belongings are the best friends. Expressive and creative.

#11: Would you describe me as hot or cold?

Open-ended because there are no specifics. How you choose to answer entirely depends on you. Perception is everything!

#12: Do I like wearing shoes with socks or without them?

Gender matters here. Females can rock any kind of shoes without socks and still look attractive.

#13: Do you think I enjoy singing more in the shower or the car?

The type of music heavily contributes to this. Every best friend should know this.

#14: What are some of your favorite nicknames for me?

You will spend an eternity here if you have interesting traits or features.

#15: Out of the variety of skills I possess, what am I really bad at?

You can never be perfect at everything. See how you can help each other out to improve those skills.

#16: What is the most recent stupid thing we did together?

If you’ve been having pressure at work or in school, maybe it’s high time you repeated the stupid things.

#17: Do I make any weird or funny faces depending on my mood?

The fun part about this is that you will both have to make out some of those facials and laugh about it.

#18: What are our favorite movies and songs?

Sharing a favorite list of TV shows and songs has to be the greatest thing ever.

#19: Would I be the one to bail you out of jail or would I be sited there next to you?

What’s a best friend if they are not with you in jail?

#20: What are some of the crazy things or topics we like talking about?

Mention more interesting topics you would like to start talking about and why you would find them appealing.