60 Fascinating What If Questions

What If? questions- top of the Line!

What If Questions

Let’s face it: Coming up with the ideal conversation starter can be daunting and nerve-wracking, especially when conversing with new people. Regardless of the age group, our superior list of ‘what if’ questions covers all varieties of genres, from fun questions to serious ones and even crazy absurd questions.

These thought-provoking nuggets will spice up any conversation, create incredible debates, bring out emotion, and strike all the moods you could think of. What’s better than an all-season activity that can be enjoyed in the company of family and friends?

Browse through our comprehensive list and get in the know!

Creative What If Questions

#1: What if you could make money grow from trees in your backyard?

If you have kids around, this could be a good one to jam-start their creativity.

#2: What if you were a superhero and could only pick one sidekick? Who would you choose and what would their powers be?

High chances, the person you pick is your best friend in real life. You might get crazy answers for this one.

#3: What if we were born during a zombie apocalypse, where would you have chosen to grow up?

Anyone who loves futuristic or apocalyptic movies will most certainly put up a strong argument.

#4: What if you could change one thing about human anatomy? What would be the most exciting alteration you would make?

Longer ears? Shorter arms? Keep the answers as creative as possible.

#5: What if you could only listen to one boy band for the rest of your life? Which one would you pick?

Time to finally know your friend’s favorite band. Watch out for indecisive people; you might be here for a while.

#6: What if you had to choose one historic figure to haunt you at night? Who would you choose?

It sounds creepy in a way, but some people wouldn’t mind having ghost celebrities and icons in their lives.

#7: What if you had a job that pays you half a million dollars a month for sitting in a pitch-black house for 8 hours a day? Would you take it?

Tricky and impractical at the same time. Don’t take a ‘yes’ from someone outgoing and jumpy.

#8: You can either be an astronaut or a professional driver. What if you could be both but only if you agree to switch to the opposite sex?

You would have to give some extra time for people to comprehend this one. Quite tricky.

#9: What if you had to live either in the Sahara or in Antarctica?

Even better, what would most people settle for?

#10: What if you had to give up one thing between watching television or surfing the internet?

To some, this would be extremely easy. Others may find it torturous, especially in this new wave of spontaneous technology.

#11: What if you had the liberty to do anything as President of the United States? What would be your first course of action?

The answer here pretty much defines what a person’s personality is all about.

#12: What if you owned a bar? What would it be popular for?

Time to come up with your fictional signature. It should be fun!

#13: What if you could have complete knowledge of 3 skills? What would they be?

Here’s your one chance to know what your friends suck at.

#14: What if money was never an issue in your life? Where would you be at this exact moment?

At the end of the day, coming back to reality hits hard. Speculation doesn’t hurt anyway.

#15: What if there was a job entitled ‘president of earth,’ who would be your first choice?

Probably one of the least-thought things in the world. Any candidates in mind?

#16: What if you had the opportunity to relive the past three years? What would you do differently?

Everyone probably has some things they wish they had done differently. Some of them good, some of them bad.

#17: What if you could put wings on any species on the planet?

A giraffe or elephant with wings sounds like the perfect scenario for a good laugh.

#18: Assume you had complete power in a whole city. What if you were a drug lord?

Travel to Colombia and Mexico in the ‘80s and imagine the extremes that could be.

#19: What if you lost the ability to see all colors apart from one? Which one would it be?

Easily tells a person’s favorite color. When looking for a gift, use this to know the ideal color.

#20: What if your home was made out of one type of meat? What would you opt for it to be?

List down the options and make them as crazy and absurd as possible.

Normal What If Questions

What If Questions

#1: What if you were at your local bank and robbers stormed in?

With the vast knowledge from some of the blockbusters of our time, you could come up with a whole new movie here.

#2: What if your favorite musician was a renowned make-up artist instead?

The important question is, would you still love them in the same manner?

#3: What if you could live anywhere in the world for as long as you wanted? Where would you live?

No time limits, no financial constraints, and with your ideal company. Such a hard decision.

#4: What if you had to choose between living with all the money in the world but no love or vice versa? Which one would you go for, and why?

A very good question that sparks insights into the importance of love, family and wealth.

#5: What if you could use every moment of your life productively? Would you have been different?

Try this with your kids and instill some key values in them. Time management being on top of the list.

#6: What if you could only talk while rapping or singing?

Make it even more fun by acting out, then settle for one.

#7: What if you realized your home was infested with snakes and rats? Would you get rid of them or move out?

This entirely depends on a person’s tolerance levels. Some might opt to live with the animals.

#8: What if you had to lose one body part for the whole of humanity to live. Which part would it be?

Disclaimer: It has to be a real body part. Don’t take ‘hair’ and ‘nails’ for answers.

#9: What if you saw a friend stealing something in your boss’s office? What would you do?

To get a clear picture, what would you and what would you not do?

#10: What if you had three powerful wishes? What would you wish for?

Time to jump on the roller coaster of imagination. Be careful what you wish for.

#11: What if you had only 24 hours to live?

This should be a reminder that every day is not promised. Live your life right.

#12: What if you could choose how and when you were going to die?

Expect answers such as ‘death while sleeping.’ No one knows when their time comes though.

#13: What if you hit someone’s car in a random parking lot and no one saw you. Would you own it up?

Another question that sheds light into someone’s true personality.

#14: What if you could choose between being famous or having fortunes?

Both have an added advantage, but some people hate publicity. No one hates money!

#15: What if you were given the rare opportunity to custom make your partner? What would be your specifications?

We would be living in an almost-perfect world if this were the case.

#16: What if you could give up hearing or the ability to see? What do you value more?

After stating their reasons, remind them how blessed they are to have both senses.

#17: What if you were alone in your house, and you heard doors opening and closing at night?

It couldn’t be the wind because it happened inside the house. What would you do?

#18: What if you lost everything you ever had in a split second? Who would you turn to without second thought?

Help the people around you re-evaluate the friends in their lives and who they can truly count on.

#19: What if you could make a short message for the whole world? What would it be?

Would you make it sensational or funny?

#20: What if you never had to work another single day in your life? What would you spend the rest of your days doing?

You would be amazed at how people would love being lazy and idle for the rest of their lives. Any secret skills and passions?

Funny What If Questions

What If Questions

#1: What if everything in the world was made up of all the types of pizza?

Take some time and imagine how huge people would be. Biting off chunks of pizza from anything.

#2: What if the ground could squeak or talk every time you took a step?

Dancers would have a hard time with all the squeaks and noises.

#3: What if everyone had a personal companion to walk with them through life like Shrek and Donkey? Who would you choose?

On a serious note, this helps you understand the companion that matches your character.

#4: What if the only currency you could use for the rest of your life was Coca-Cola?

How many Coca-Colas would you need to pay your tuition fee?

#5: What if we all lived in houses that floated just above the clouds and we were banned from touching the earth’s surface?

Well, that would mean no gravity at all. Which means people would also be able to float.

#6: What if you could wear your 10th birthday outfit at your wedding?

This should be more of a dare. You would end up dying with laughter.

#7: What if animals walked humans instead?

Such a weird line of thought. Imagine how rowdy some of the humans would be.

#8: What if we all lived in gardens and houses made of grass with huge vines and sunflowers surrounding us like walls?

Sounds like the garden of Eden remastered and modified.

#9: What if your last kiss was the only kiss you would remember for the rest of your life? Would you change the person whom you kissed?

Use this against something who has a sketchy intimacy pattern and trigger their thinking.

#10: What if all turtles and tortoises didn’t have shells? Would they be naked or just homeless?

You would have so much fun with this one. Think of other animals that deserve to have shells.

#11: What if all animals exchanged sounds and names?

Start by identifying some of the different variations and what you would change.

#12: What if you had to switch places with your pets?

One of the most sought out thoughts. Animals’ perception of human beings.

#13: What if you could walk on the walls and the ceiling without falling?

Imagine how great and frustrating life would be if you were spiderman.

#14: What if extinct animals which were reincarnated in the current world as human beings?

Or better yet, choose one extinct animal you would love to be. How would it affect your personality.

#15: What if staying naked was normal and wearing clothes was considered nudity?

One of the funniest questions on this category. You wouldn’t go wrong with this one.

#16: What if you would wake up tomorrow and hope to everywhere you have been?

Kind of like a real-time autobiography in video form.

#17: What if you were born as a tree? Or better yet, what would you be saying to those passing by?

Swaying majestically at the people you like and dropping leaves on those you dislike.

#18: What if you woke up only to find yourself in your best friend’s body and his body in yours?

Experiencing life from a different eye could be one of the wildest things ever. It sounds like fun though.

#19: What if you used a public bathroom only to discover there was no toilet paper?

Call out to people walking by or improvise? Don’t laugh too hard! It might happen to you someday.

#20: What if, you were a type of candy that was known worldwide? Would you be happy?

Making other people happy at the expense of you getting eaten. Sounds fun!