60 Best Never Have I Ever Questions

Exciting 'Never Have I Ever' questions - superior list

Never Have I Ever Questions

Believe it or not, everyone has a tiny bit of craving deep inside them that always wants to know what other people have tried out in life; the good and the bad. From parents and their kids to spouses and their friends, the list is all-inclusive.

Why keep all the pent-up curiosity while you could take it all out in the never-disappointing game ‘Never have I ever?’ During the less-busy days, you could battle it up among friends and family. It would not only serve as a great pastime, but also help you understand people better, whilst still appreciating the fun, crazy things they have done in the past.

Our comprehensive examples will be the perfect guiding light. Let’s get down to it!

Best Never Have I Ever Questions

1: Never have I ever been arrested or gotten on the wrong side of the law

You should get this straight into your head: Not everyone is as good as you are or as they seem. Just don’t snitch afterward.

2: Never have I ever flown in a private jet

You could also include a helicopter and a submarine in the options.

3: Never have I ever given a lift to a hitchhiker

One of the most feared but graceful acts. It should tell you a lot about someone.

4: Never have I ever told a lie during a job interview

Rest assured, no one’s going to investigate anything unless you are playing with your boss.

5: Never have I ever stalked an ex or a crush

It would be hard to believe such people exist. But then again, some people mind their business.

6: Never have I ever traveled out of the country by myself

Better yet, find out the longest time your friends have been left home alone. Traveling out of the country alone is a great milestone though.

7: Never have I ever been terrified while standing on stage in front of a crowd

Believe it or not, some people are born confident. Time to call out all those timid people.

8: Never have I ever gone bungee jumping

This should be on everyone’s to-do list. But only for the adventurous ones.

9: Never have I ever gotten into a bad accident

Once you get comfortable around people, you wouldn’t have a problem asking this.

10: Never have I ever been bullied while growing up

Everyone has gone through a type of bullying, don’t let anyone lie they haven’t. Some were born tough and huge though.

11: Never have I ever fallen asleep on a commuter bus and missed my stop

Take this opportunity to tell a memorable story regarding your usual commuter means.

12: Never have I ever played drunken games with my family

Everyone has a special clique in the family whom you find fun to be around. What are some of the experiences you’ve had with them?

13: Never have I ever set anything on fire, including people

One of the few things everyone has tried including your typical 5-year-old.

14: Never have I ever lied about my earnings and income to my family and friends

You have to be super comfortable around people to admit this.

15: Never have I ever taken a call or texted while watching a movie at the cinema

If someone has done this before, be sure to condemn that behavior. Phones should probably be off at the cinema.

16: Never have I ever held any type of gun

In a place where guns are legal for every citizen, this shouldn’t be a big deal.

17: Never have I ever been stalked and ended up realizing

It sure feels good to know you have a secret admirer or someone who’s thinking about you.

18: Never have I ever had the honor to be someone’s maid of honor or bridegroom

If not, get yourself a best friend who’s not married. You wouldn’t want to miss such an esteemed opportunity.

19: Never have I ever massacred a whole large pizza by myself

If you have interesting friends or colleagues, this could easily turn into an analogy of past food experiences.

20: Never have I ever tried convincing a friend to leave their partner.

At the end of the day, you should be cautious of the advice you take. Not everyone wants the best for you.

Embarrassing Never Have I Ever Questions

1: Never have I ever peed on myself while laughing since I was 10 years old.

This should be a great starter for this category. Everyone has at one point of another peed a little out of a great laugh.

2: Never have I ever picked a large wedgie in public and pretended nothing happened

Quite embarrassing but it will do a great job in creating an easy mood, enabling people to get comfortable.

3: Never have I ever gone for more than a week without any form of bath or shower

This should not be a big deal for a guy. You better have a good explanation for this though.

4: Never have I ever peed in the shower while bathing

People who have tried this are the most interesting in life. Cartoon by nature. No one in their right adult mind still does this though.

5: Never have I ever had someone walk in on me while in the bathroom

Such things are never forgotten. The level of shame depends on the person who walked in on you. Have fun embarrassing yourself.

6: Never have I ever vomited because someone else threw up for whatever reason

To be on the safe side, make sure no one is eating at the moment. You can never be too sure about people’s tolerance levels when it comes to throwing up.

7: Never have I ever eaten anything straight from the garbage bin

Anyone who has tried this needs a very good explanation. What could justify this?

8: Never have I ever tripped and made a fool of myself in public

As long as no one gets hurt, giving people a good laugh should be a great accomplishment.

9: Never have I ever tried passing a silent fart that later on came out as a loud one

Everyone has been here, including your most respectable mentor. Maybe there should be farting booths.

10: Never have I ever said hi to someone only to realize they weren’t talking to me

The short or enthusiastic wave from a distance could be very embarrassing, especially in public.

11: Never have I ever picked my nose and ate whatever came out

Chronicles of a fun childhood. Give people the chance to share other gross moments from their lives.

12: Never have I ever stepped outside the house with a bad breath

If you have a friend who has this issue, point it out, but make sure you do it in the right way.

13: Never have I ever used my teeth to trim my toenails

You would be amazed how much people wish they could still do this. The only thing keeping them at bay is being too tall.

14: Never have I ever used someone else’s toothbrush knowingly

Realizing this spoils your day automatically. Point out what.

15: Never have I ever wet the bed after turning 15

You would never actually know the truth here because no one would be willing to admit this one. Too embarrassing!

16: Never have I ever gotten me an embarrassing haircut

Guys would relate to this. If someone has a photo of them related to this, it would be the ideal time to share.

17: Never have I ever put on someone pants or panties

This should be fun when playing with couples. You would be amazed by the things people try out.

18: Never have I ever mistakenly walked in on someone in the bathroom

If it hasn’t happened, give it time. Such things are bound to happen to everyone at least once in a lifetime.

19: Never have I ever lacked enough money to pay the bill in a restaurant

What matters is if you had enough friends who were willing to bail you out.

20: Never have I ever genuinely asked for help from a stranger and got ignored.

Anyone who has been ignored should truly question how approachable they look on the outside.

Funny Never Have I Ever Questions

1: Never have I ever done something I had promised myself never to try

Falling off the wagon shouldn’t discourage you. Make sure everyone has given an example for this one.

2: Never have I ever Googled my name to see how famous I am

Whoever hasn’t tried this doesn’t inspire to be someone great.

3: Never have I ever been locked outside the house naked or close to naked

Doesn’t sound like a real question? I think not! People out there have been through the funniest experiences.

4: Never have I ever farted in an elevator full of people and pretended it wasn’t me

The worst bit is not farting but getting caught. Save yourself and learn how to fart silently!

5: Never have I ever tried making out with an animal

Who would even try making out with an animal? Kissing your pet lightly sounds better.

6: Never have I ever decided not to drink again after a bad experience with alcohol

If you are playing with your everyday squad, you should be able to point out the culprit in this one.

7: Never have I ever pretended to be running away from something scary when on the run

The perfect example here would be running to bed after switching off the lights.

8: Never have I ever called my partner by the wrong name

Another one to ask when playing with your couple friends. Time to relive and continue past arguments.

9: Never have I ever lied to a friend about their baby being beautiful

We do hope you find friends who will find this as funny as it is. What’s the right thing to do though?

10: Never have I ever felt attracted towards someone of the same sex

If you have friends who are gay but still haven’t come out, this would be the right opportunity.

11: Never have I ever answered a direct question without pausing in the ‘left’ or ‘right’ section, because I always find them confusing

People who always have these two painted accurately at the top of their heads are genius.

12: Never have I ever tried looking ugly while crying just to get a good laugh about it

Some have done crazier things for a good laugh.

13: Never have I ever wished I was secretly dating a celebrity or schooling at a popular school

Wannabes will be the first to answer this. Give everyone a chance to mention their celebrity fantasy.

14: Never have I ever farted and blamed it on an animal that was next to me

This sounds brutal but funny. You might as well try it out some time.

15: Never have I ever smuggled food, snacks or any other illegal item to a movie theater

With a bunch of friends, this should be way much fun, and thrilling.

16: Never have I ever tried guessing someone’s phone or laptop password

We all have snoopy friends and family members who have watched too many movies. Just don’t get caught.

17: Never have I ever pulled off a crazy prank on my parents

This entirely depends on the type of parents someone has. If you haven’t, you should pull something off.

18: Never have I ever worn a classy but broken watch for style

Justifiable. That classy watch might just be the reason someone gives you attention.

19: Never have I ever watched the ‘Gangnam Style’ video

Feel free to change the video. Customize it to suit your audience and playmates.

20: Never have I ever pretended to be on a fake call just to avoid someone.

The only problem here is getting a real phone call while you are still on the fake one.