Spectacular ‘This Or That’ Questions

Extremely good this or that questions

This Or That Questions

The early stages of any relationship or friendship are often clouded by anxiety, which is completely normal. Whether you are at the talking stage or would like to know someone a little better, we highly recommend this simple question game.

Unlike most general open-ended games, the ‘this or that’ activity confines your playmate to two distinct options of your choice. In so many ways, it gives you the upper hand. The best thing about it is that there are so many variations. To make it more fun, you can take turns and explore each other with limitless questions.

Here are some of our best categories and ideas. Keep them close, they might come in handy.

Best This Or That Questions

1: Cat or Dog?

Feel free to give a more specific question. It’s always good to establish someone’s pet preference.

2: YouTube or Netflix?

This should help you know whether someone loves generic or spontaneous content.

3: Text or video call?

This is very important to note, for future reference.

4: Weights or Cardio workouts?

If you are asking a fitness enthusiast, you might have to get more specific.

5: Normal eggs or toast?

Open it to more suggestions and options. You’ll realize how sophisticated people can get.

6: Facebook or Instagram?

The answer to this might vary, depending on age and well, photo-tolerance levels.

7: Snowcone or Ice cream?

Quite similar, but of course, ice cream has a greater fanbase. What do your playmates think?

8: Podcasts or music while walking?

Time to know who’s into motivation and who’s into getting funky.

9: Console games or physical games?

Someone born in the ‘80s would probably have a hard time with this one. They have experienced the best of both worlds.

10: Android or IOS?

Whatever the case, this question often ends up in a long wrangle over which is better. Keep it together!

11: Cake or pie?

Any foodie would have to take a minute or two to evaluate this. Give it time.

12: Extra height or extra weight?

This entirely depends on the current physical makeup of the person answering. It doesn’t hurt to speculate a little.

13: Indie or hip-hop?

There is a very thin line to separate the two, but true fanatics would know for sure.

14: Loyal friends or rich friends?

Time to evaluate if you are dealing with smart or materialistic people.

15: New phone or new clothes each year?

People who are into tech and the never-ending iPhone models would most probably go with the first option.

16: Sunbathing or skinny dipping?

Well, how confident can you get? There are so many other topics you could pick up from this.

17: Low technology or high tech?

Beware of asking a nerd this question. You might end up being given a lecture on technology.

18: Small gathering or a huge party?

This will ideally help you determine how reserved or outgoing and outspoken your friend is.

19: Do laundry all year long or wash dishes?

Statistically, most people hate doing dishes, but you might be surprised. Keep an open mind.

20: Play football or basketball?

Or none? Some people are not sporty at all. Beware of staunch fanatics. You might get yourself into an argument.

21: Be excellent in jogging or bike riding?

Both require endurance, but only one provides comfort. Which is it going to be?

22: Have the best car or the best home interior?

Again, this is not always given. It entirely depends on the person’s personality and character traits.

23: Take a jacuzzi bath or shower?

Add some more context to it. Maybe when you are in a hurry or something. Get creative.

24: Wear sandals or sneakers for the rest of your life?

For guys, it’s almost obvious.

25: Appear in a comedy or drama show?

In so many ways, this simple question could help your friends discover and understand themselves better.

26: Watch Alice in Wonderland or Robin Crusoe again?

If you have some time to spare, you could always watch both and decide together.

27: Have freedom or hope?

This feels like standing between a rock and a hard place. You have to choose one.

28: Visit all the mountains or beaches?

It helps to ask your crush or partner; for future reference during travel dates and adventures.

29: Analog or digital watch?

You would be amazed at how many people still prefer to stick to analog. Old is gold!

30: Eat the best steak or the best chicken?

Just make sure you have something to eat because such questions invoke the hunger in you.

31: Stay sited or standing all day?

Make it more interesting by giving situations and scenarios. Make them scratch their heads a little.

32: Being too cold or too warm?

Both call for much endurance, but one is more tolerable than the other. Depends on the person answering.

33: Swim in the sea or the pool?

This is probably one of the most asked comparison questions. It’s worth knowing what your loved ones prefer.

34: Pasta for breakfast or pizza for dinner?

Both routines are messed up, but one has to sound better. Like the movie question before, you could opt to try both and come to a consensus.

35: College bag or monkey bag for traveling?

It’s funny how you would know someone’s answer here, based on their gender only.

36: Sports cars or armored SUVs?

Car enthusiasts will have you wishing you would never ask this question.

37: Salty or sweet?

Similar to the ‘cat or dog’ question. You could also classify people based on sweetness or saltiness.

38: Hawaii or Alaska?

Whoever chooses Alaska must have had more than enough heat.

39: Solid oil or liquid oil?

Whatever the case, all that matters is that your type of oil makes you glow.

40: Physical books or E-books?

Or no books at all? Keep your mind open. Not all people love reading.

Funny This Or That Questions

Funny This Or That Questions

1: Extremely tiny cars or big shapeless trucks?

If this doesn’t take you back to the animation franchise ‘cars,’ I don’t know what will.

2: Long endless calls or hilarious texts?

And in some cases, some people love both. And in some, people prefer old school meetups over phone conversations.

3: Indoor or outdoor activities?

Both have their pros and cons. Whatever pleases the soul! At the end of the day, your goal is understanding the person you are playing with.

4: Vegetarian or minimalist for life?

All meat lovers would be greatly affected by this one. If possible, take it to the next level and make it a practical dare.

5: Huge ugly dimples or freckles?

They are not disabilities, but both of them affect your outward look. Which is more bearable?

6: Meet Mickey Mouse or Dora the Explorer?

If you are wondering what to ask your young ones. This would do the trick.

7: Blue loving eyes or green sexy ones?

Another great way of telling someone’s personality. Are they adorable or just seductive?

8: Have all the money in the world or be the greatest comedian?

Such a nice way to camouflage the never-ending battle between wealth and fame.

9: Wear short pants or have a funny hairstyle all your life?

What could go wrong with short pants anyway? Be careful what you wish for.

10: Smell like a pig or look like a baboon for a day?

None seems better than the other. But one has to stay. Daunt your opponents with this one.

11: Play crossword puzzles or sudokus?

Boardgames have always set a major vibe. But some are superior to others.

12: Try the best-frozen yogurt or ice cream?

You would need a very decisive person to answer this without hesitation.

13: Wear bright or neutral colors for a wedding?

Are you dealing with an attention seeker or someone who loves laying low?

14: Funfair or theme park?

There is a subtle difference between the two. You might have to explain it before taking the answers.

15: Extreme saver or an extreme spender?

It depends on how much money is involved. If you are looking for a partner, an extreme spender would be a major red flag.

16: Are you into drawings or paintings?

A great way of changing the subject to something artsy and poetic.

17: Have baby boys or baby girls only?

This is quite tricky, especially for people who have always desired mixed-gender babies.

18: Travel by train or by car only for the rest of your life?

Don’t stop there. Get into some of the advantages or worst experiences for both options.

19: Live in a modern presidential house or an ancient palace?

At this internet age, you could come up with some visuals to make it more interesting.

20: Spend a night every week at a classic hotel or on an expensive yacht?

Either way, both provide the same thing; luxury. However, one of them is mobile.

21: Have the most contagious laughter or the cutest smile?

Let’s face it, the second one is more appealing, but you never know; some would love to charm with that hearty laughter.

22: Live in a Hollywood film or an animation?

Movies have limited possibilities, but they are more realistic. Expand your speculation with this one.

23: Ride superbikes or sports cars?

If you have done both, then you should be able to put up a strong discussion.

24: Celebrate Christmas or Halloween each month?

This could easily help you identify someone who loves jovial or dark occasions.

25: Work in a circus or at a carnival?

Spice things up and try guessing the roles you would have in the choice you have made.

26: Horror movies or comedy?

Go ahead and list your favorites, maybe you have more in common than you thought.

27: Become a character in Harry Potter or the Lord of the rings?

Casting spells and playing Quidditch or fighting off monsters and defending a ring?

28: Skydive or deep-sea dive every month?

An accurate representation of two of the greatest fears people have. Very few people love both.

29: Reality or fictional movies?

What’s more fun? Watching the Kardashians or some thrilling Tom Cruise action?

30: Improvisational comedy or planned comedy?

If your playmate appreciates creativity, they will most certainly go with the first option.

31: James Bond or Jason Bourne?

This is one of the hardest questions in this category, but one has to have the upper hand.

32: Snowboarding or Go-karting?

If you are looking for outdoor activity, you might as well suggest this to friends and make a spontaneous decision.

33: Use a slow laptop or a powerful desktop all your life?

Portability overpower or vice versa?

34: Buy comics or watch them instead?

You might think no one is interested in reading anymore. Think again!

35: Star Trek or Star Wars?

At the end of the day, regardless of conflicting opinions, you’ll both be supporting the same genre.

36: Oscars or Grammys?

Everyone has a different opinion on how both work. Worth hearing someone else’s point of view.

37: Marry a popstar or a sports personality?

Girls have fantasies about this every other time. Make it interesting by giving specific examples.

38: Read books or magazines?

You might want to square this one with an avid reader.

39: Tell your darkest secret to your parents or embarrass yourself in public?

After this, you will know how much your friends value their parents’ perception.

40: Fall in love with someone 30 years older than you or someone with the same gender?

You could finish the game with a good laugh by asking this. Enjoy the absurd speculation.