The Most Engaging Would You Rather Questions

The most engaging 'Would you rather' questions - Ideal compilation!

Would You Rather Questions

If you think you have done the most as far as indoor games and activities are concerned, then you haven’t explored the full intensity of the ‘Would you rather’ question game. At a time and age where the world has become a global village, you now have the flexibility to understand your friends and family better.

The most appealing thing about this explorative quest is its simplicity. Any question will suffice, and anyone would enjoy playing, as long as they have set their constraints. Even so, our guide offers well-scripted examples to expand your array of questions and thinking as well.

With the right company, these examples should work like magic. Hop on this train of enlightenment and gain the most!

Best Would You Rather Questions

#1: Would you rather win $100,000 or let all your friends win $10,000 each?

Having your friends win at your own expense. With the right friends, you would still be sorted out.

#2: Would you rather have a golden nose or have the most precious voice?

Both give you fame as no one could ever imagine, the other one makes you iconic and monumental.

#3: Would you rather be the funniest person alive or the most intelligent in any room?

A good laugh is a medicine to the heart. Intelligence, on the other hand, will have doors opening for you.

#4: Would you rather be too busy or too bored all the time?

Whoever goes for boredom must be the laziest person alive. Keeping your mind active is essential.

#5: Would you rather have a limitless rewind button or a button that pauses any part of your life?

Make the game a bit more fun by sighting the times you would like to relive.

#6: Would you rather feature in a dating show or a dramatic reality show?

Are you playing with hopeless romantics or dramatic people? Ask this to find out.

#7: Would you rather live a life that is completely safe or where you have the freedom to travel anywhere for free?

You already know what the adventurous lot will go for. What’s the fun in staying in one place all your life anyway?

#8: Would you rather have a get out of jail free card regardless of any crime or a key that opens any door or vault?

Having a master key with no guaranteed access has to be frustrating.

#9: Would you rather own the greatest Lamborghini collection or a bookcase with infinite knowledge about life?

Caution: This question is not for everyone. Car enthusiasts will bash you out for comparing their prized supercars with books. The same goes for bookworms.

#10: Would you rather date someone who loves you or someone you love?

Easily the hardest question in our category. Take some time and help your friends reason this one out.

#11: Would you rather spend the rest of your life covered in fur or beautiful scales?

It goes without saying; fur would be more realistic. Don’t blame the ones aspiring to be mermaids. Whatever pleases the soul.

#12: Would you rather believe everything you hear or lose the ability to tell lies?

This would be a big blow for the chronic liars and all those who hate rumors.

#13: Would you rather reverse something bad you did or be able to stop time for 20 seconds each day?

Don’t be surprised if this shifted the topic to imaginary things. A lot can be birthed from this!

#14: Would you rather stay in jail for five months or lose a whole year of your life?

Who’s to tell if you won’t lose your life in jail? A whole year sounds like a lot of time all the same.

#15: Would you rather celebrate Halloween or Christmas each week?

It’s amazing how such a simple question sheds light on the type of character someone has.

Hard Would You Rather Questions

#1: Would you rather work more hours every day but for only 4 days a week or fewer hours a day for a whole week?

You should try this out with your workmates. They would love some speculation about something you all have in common.

#2: Would you rather be extremely rich but live 500 years ago or be poor and continue living today?

Imagine the kind of wealth and influence people like John D. Rockefeller had. Sacrifice all this tech for all the money in the world seems like a good deal.

#3: Would you rather be infertile or have beautiful octuplets?

Like the name, octuplets refer to 8 babies at a go. Sounds like an easy one for someone who doesn’t want kids.

#4: Would you rather have people gossiping you every day or never discussed by anyone at all?

Here’s where self-esteem issues can be brought up. Staying out of the spotlight is fun.

#5: Would you rather understand all animals or speak all foreign languages?

Imagine the endless opportunities that would come with both answers. Life-changing at the very least!

#6: Would you rather feel worse if no one showed up at your wedding or funeral?

One of the deepest questions in today’s article. It should help you understand where your priorities lie and whether you have great friends and family.

#7: Would you rather live 20 years more or win your dream lottery and still live as you were supposed to?

20 Years is such a great addition. At the same time, you can’t ignore how transformational the lottery can be.

#8: Would you rather always speak your mind regardless of the situation or never speak again?

You would be in for some real embarrassment with the first option, but the second one renders you less effective unless you know sign-language.

#9: Would you rather speak ancient languages and never be able to travel or stay mute and travel to all countries?

Unravel all that has been hidden in the Egyptian pyramids and translate all the ancient writing or be able to explore the world.

#10: Would you rather know the exact moment when you will die or how you are going to die?

This qualifies for this list because everyone dreads knowing when or how they will die.

#11: Would you rather enforce world peace or end poverty for good?

Both signify that you are humane, but one is more sympathetic.

#12: Would you rather find your soulmate or get a suitcase with 5 million dollars inside it?

Someone tired of getting the perfect lover won’t even think twice.

#13: Would you rather clean all the toilets in the town or work in a slaughterhouse for the next week?

Working in a slaughterhouse doesn’t seem that bad; well for the first couple of days only. Cleaning toilets should be out of the question.

#14: Would you rather uncontrollable amount of hair in your body or a pungent body odor?

If you love yourself, you will try to avoid anything that brings you shame, like the second option.

#15: Would you rather live in the best house but in the worst neighborhood or the worst house in a top tier neighborhood?

A great hard question to cup this category. There’s no better option, but one has to be tolerable.

Funny Would You Rather Questions

#1: Would you rather have wet socks on your feet or an embarrassing beanie hat for a whole year?

Everyone has had wet socks before. The discomfort is simply frustrating.

#2: Would you rather wear stilettos to bed every night or rock Disney slippers whenever you go outside?

Most girls would look good with the slippers, but for every occasion, it becomes weird.

#3: Would you rather use a spoon only or a fork only for the rest of your life?

Soup lovers have no option but to stick to spoons.

#4: Would you rather live in a house infested with tarantulas or sleep with 5 lobsters every night?

If you have someone who can tolerate one of these, they’d have the easiest time answering his.

#5: Would you rather have the best 6-pack or drink 3 cans of your favorite beer every day for free?

The only problem here is if you are a work out enthusiast and a beer-lover at the same time.

#6: Would you rather grow an elephant trunk or get a giraffe neck for a whole month?

Just hope you don’t have friends who would go the extra mile to create this visual on photoshop after the game.

#7: Would you rather travel through the busiest city on a donkey or a giraffe?

One option a bit lame and old school, but the other one illegal and super cool.

#8: Would you rather spend the rest of your life alone or surrounded by the most annoying people

If you are an optimistic person, you would go with the annoying option, then also become annoying to fit in.

#9: Would you rather give up bathing for two weeks or your phone for a whole month?

If you stay all alone, you might have a reasonable option. If you live with your family, you have no choice but to give up your phone.

#10: Would you rather eat a sandwich made by random strangers or made by your worst cook?

The true test of faith. Maybe the angel you don’t know is worse?

#11: Would you rather forget everything in the middle of a serious work presentation or fall and fly across your office in front of all your colleagues?

Depending on people’s perception of you, you would be able to make the right choice here.

#12: Would you rather forget your partner’s birthday or your anniversary?

Whatever the case, you would still get them angry. Guys! Don’t ever forget your girlfriends’ birthdays.

#13: Would you rather go on a 5-day cruise with your worst boss or never go for any vacation this year?

A rare opportunity for everyone to describe how awful or amazing their bosses have been.

#14: Would you rather use a toothbrush used by a stranger or wear your ex’s partner’s panties for a week?

Very few would find the question funny, but the answer should be funny. It depends on your friends though.

#15: Would you rather live in an edible city or have your favorite food fall from the sky at any time?

Cloudy with a chance of meatball in the flesh. Biting this off would bring chaos, but would end world hunger.

Crazy Would You Rather Questions

#1: Would you rather sponsor your son’s illegal drug activity or leave him homeless for a month?

Such a huge dilemma! Fortunately, it’s just hypothetical and mere speculation.

#2: Would you rather have every lost hamster appear in your backyard or everyone’s clothes which were lost, appear in your bedroom?

It would be a wonder of the world with the first option. The second one would make your home a retail store.

#3: Would you rather end the life of an innocent human being or 500 cute animals?

A surefire question for this category. You’d be amazed by people’s perception and reasoning about death.

#4: Would you rather be able to control water, fire or wind?

Fans of the famous Airbender would spend the rest of the time on this question.

#5: Would you rather have the ability to solve any mathematical problem in the world or have a total recall?

One allows you to become the next Einstein, the other one, just another psychological genius who remembers everything.

#6: Would you rather have your pants one size bigger or one size smaller?

The best thing about this is that few people would notice.

#7: Would you rather have hands that grow longer each year or feet that grew fatter each year?

Crazy in every way. It would make complete sense if we were living in an animated show.

#8: Would you rather spend the rest of your life in a huge desert or small landmass surrounded by the largest ocean?

Tricky by nature. If you’ve watched ‘Lost,’ then you have an idea of the hopelessness involved.

#9: Would you rather go skinny dipping with a stranger or with a classmate?

With the right body shape, you wouldn’t mind either option.

#10: Would you rather live in a city where all the homes have see-through walls or a house with see-through walls in the middle of nowhere?

There is nothing harder than dealing with two extremes. Sounds like something you would only see in a sci-fi movie.

#11: Would you rather go back in time and meet all your ancestors or go into the future and meet all your descendants?

Also, what would you tell either party? Would the ancestors be happy or disappointed in you?

#12: Would you rather have three belly buttons or have nipples on your back?

None of the two sounds appealing in any way. Good thing is that both are concealed.

#13: Would you rather eat your dead friend or kill your dog and eat it if you were all alone on a deserted island?

Crazy, disgusting, gross and weird all combined. Thinking about this could even make you throw up.

#14: Would you rather be president of a world that has numerous problems or live as an ordinary citizen in a world that has no flaw?

Given the opportunity to become the most powerful person in the world is nothing but a great privilege, though hypothetical.

#15: Would you rather walk in naked in front of your parents-in-law or your colleagues?

This should be a headliner in the ‘hard’ category. It cuts across the board though. Unimaginable!