The Best Funny Questions To Ask A Girl

Questions To Ask A Girl

All ladies love a spontaneous, interesting conversation; either through text or in person. As a guy, you should learn how to control the conversation while sounding appealing at the same time. There are many ways to do this, but the easiest of them all is the use of funny questions.

Whether you are trying to maintain a mutual friendship or advance to the next level in an intimate relationship, our arsenal of funny, provocative but simple questions could be your saving grace.

Brace yourself and master as much as you can. These are the conversation-starters you’ve been longing for:

Funny Questions To Ask A Girl To Get To Know Her

1: Is there anyone who has ever vanished with a trace?

2: What are some of your funniest moments in life?

3: I’ve always wondered, why would there be an expiration date on sour milk?

4: Tell me one crazy thing I would never have guessed about you?

5: Have you ever stopped to think if Adam and Eve had navels?

6: What’s your favorite between; ‘the Simpsons’ and ‘family guy’?

7: If I were to wear one irresistible attire for you, which one would it be?

8: What app do you find yourself using most and why?

9: What has been your longest wildest fantasy?

10: What would your superhero name be?

11: If you were to become a man for a week, what would you do?

12: What was the first perception and emotion you felt when you met me?

13: What is one thing you enjoyed as a child and still love doing?

14: Between the two of us, who do you think would win a staring contest?

15: What would be your reaction if I kissed you after this date?

16: If you could fart a whole song perfectly, what melody would it be?

17: Assume I’m supposed to hit you with a pie on the face. What flavor would it be?

18: Would you like to be a mermaid or a unicorn?

19: If all your hair got shaved, would you wear a hat, a wig or remain bald proudly?

20: Which mystical creature would you wish to come to life?

21: Growing up, what did you always want to be?

22: Which three people would you feel good punching in the face right now?

23: If you got caught over-speeding, what excuse would you use?

24: What video on the internet would you repeat every day for the rest of your life?

25: Who would you kiss between a panda, a squirrel or me?

26: Have you ever wondered why a boxing ring is usually a square?

27: What two colors do you find hard to distinguish?

28: If you had 100 million dollars, what would you do with it?

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Funny Questions To Ask A Girlfriend

29: When fish are out of the water, do they feel what we feel inside water?

30: What could be the opposite of the opposite?

31: Which celebrity have you always dreamt to be?

32: Which two songs would you not resist singing along when they come up?

33: Would you still date me if I were shorter?

34: What were you always known for in a school?

35: Assuming you were the greatest villain, what treacherous things would you do?

36: What would your life be called if it was a movie?

37: Would you ride on the back of a high-speed motorcycle with me?

38: Do you think going bald would make me sexier?

39: Which would you wear on a date with me: flip flops, high heels or sporty shoes?

40: Tell me the funniest pick-up line a guy has ever used on you?

41: What is your favorite 80’s-90’s band and a movie?

42: If you could get married to any cartoon character, who would it be?

43: What is the best and worst dream you will always remember?

44: What is one thing most people dislike that you love?

45: Have you ever hit on a pizza delivery guy?

46: What do you find craziest but likable about me?

47: If I started dressing like fictional characters, would you still be with me?

48: What toppings would you like to have on me if I were ice-cream?

49: Would you get mad at me if I chose online games with the boys over a date with you?

50: How would you react if you found me sleeping with a stuffed animal?

51: Can you spell floccinaucinihilipilification? (Make sure you can pronounce it before asking)

52: If you were to smell like any type of food all your life, which food would it be?

53: Do you prefer living in a zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion?

54: Name 3 of my best actors and stand-up comedians?

55: Aside from me, what other addiction would you like to have?

56: On a scale of 1-10, how comfortable would you be to tell a man to close his zipper?

Funny Deep Questions To Ask A Girl

57: What is one word that starts with an ‘f’ and ends with ‘u-c-k’? (P.S, the correct answer is fire truck. If she answers anything different, then you can tell what’s on her mind)

58: What are some of your most embarrassing moments ever?

59: Which dessert or ice-cream best describes your personality and why?

60: If all countries are in debt, then who has all the money?

61: How do you usually know when you’re in love?

62: What is one ridiculous fact about you?

63: Do you mind telling me some of the untold rules of where you work?

64: Have you ever broken the law and got away with it?

65: If you were to teleport 100 years into the future, what would you be most nostalgic for?

66: Have you ever had a crazy ex? How did you two break up?

67: What is one lyric you like from a song you hate?

68: What are your top 5 best and craziest memories ever?

69: If you were in the worst mood ever, what memory would change your mood instantly?

70: If you could have a tattoo where people won’t see, where and what would it be?

71: What are some of the normal things that overwhelm you?

72: What is the most memorable, yet funniest lesson you learned growing up?

73: What is the one thing you wish you were better at?

74: Have you ever made moves on your best friend’s guy?

75: How would you describe your personality completely in 5 words only?

76: Between the two main genders, which one is most ideal for you and why?

77: What are some of the best and worst gifts you have ever received?

78: Given the chance, which celebrity comedian would you love to spend a day with?

79: Which online page would you never go a week without viewing?

80: Are you a sucker for true love?

81: Have you ever experimented on something crazy that finally turned out okay?

82: Have you ever been arrested?

83: If you could be anyone since time began, who would it be and why?

84: Which fictional character inspires you most?

85: If you were to marry a comedian, who would It be?

86: What are the three most important things you would save if your house was collapsing?

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Funny Dares To Ask A Girl

87: Delete your parents’ contacts and make sure to ask who they are each time they call you

88: Text your mom how happy you are and, that you’re expecting twins soon

89: Make a convincing and interesting conversation with yourself about boys

90: Shave the hands and legs of any of the boys here.

91: Upload your ugliest photo on Instagram and make it your profile photo

92: Use coal and salty water to brush your teeth

93: Call your most-esteemed crush and schedule a lunch date with them

94: Kiss one of your male friends for ten seconds.

95: Login to your Facebook and tell a random stranger how much you love them

96: Take off your shoes and wear them on your hands for the rest of the day

97: Place ten paperclips and stick notes on your hair, take a selfie and post it on any of your social media pages.

98: Make a random phone call and shout at the person on the other end for no reason.

99: Eat a raw egg or chew a chunk of raw onion

100: Dance wildly and recklessly to any of your favorite songs

101: Give yourself a small but good-looking haircut

102: Call one of your girlfriends and tell them you have feelings for them

103: Show me your browser search history for the past one week

104: Tuck in your shirt, drop 5 huge ice cubes, and dance for 5 minutes

105: Close your eyes and put on make-up on your face.

106: Do a breakdance or headstand for two minutes

107: Yell you love me at the top of your lungs

108: Squeeze some orange juice on your knee and lick it

109: Tell me one thing you have always wanted to say to me

110: Write me a list of all your exes and reason for breaking up.