Exciting ‘Get to Know You’ Questions

Get to Know You Questions

One of the most thrilling experiences is getting to know someone in a gradual, interesting way, without getting ahead of yourself. There is a beauty in being spontaneous, especially when conversing with someone you foresee yourself being interested in, whether as friends or partners. Who knows, maybe all you need is a ‘get to know you’ game.

In today’s piece, we will not only cover some of the most interesting questions to ask when trying to know someone better, but also short descriptions and insights on what to expect from the same. Read through with an expectant heart because you never know, this might be your only shot at a great relationship.

It is important to note that there is a wide range and endless possibilities that can be asked here; you just have to be creative.

Best Get to Know You Questions

1: What are your top 3 greatest accomplishments?

You would be amazed by how much people have achieved in life. Have an open mind for this one.

2: What is the one thing you fear most in life?

Use this as an opportunity to discover more about their fears and if they’ve ever had to experience them.

3: What is your favorite novel?

Do they read in the first place? Well, there’s only one way to find out.

4: Of all the places you have visited, which is your best family vacation?

Who knows, you could be talking to your next trip advisor. Prepare yourself for a long conversation about ideal destinations.

5: What are some of your pet peeves?

It would be most advisable to start with this one, to avoid annoying the other person in case you possess some of their pet peeves.

6: Would you rather clean the bathroom, wash the dishes, mow the lawn or vacuum the whole house?

Keep your mind open for more options, they might hate all the ones stated above.

7: What is your constant motivation to work hard in life?

This is one of the most strategic ways of gauging someone’s seriousness with life. Take notes.

8: If you go back to your childhood, what would you change?

You might want to use the bathroom or give them some time to think about it. There’s a lot one could change.

9: What is your greatest complaint about your place of work?

You might get an honest answer if you both work in different places.

10: What is your pass time hobby when you are bored?

Listen keenly because you might need this as a reason to hang out the next time.

11: If you had the chance to eat one expensive meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

The test of untold luxuries. Indulge in some of the expensive dishes you both desire and hope to have someday.

12: What is your favorite sport to play or watch and why?

The ‘why’ is the important bit. Discover the personal attachment your friend has with the sport they mention.

13: What three radio stations do you listen to most in the car?

This could also be a substitute for asking the type of music they like listening to.

14: If you had the liberty and money to do anything in a day, what would it be?

Charity and investments aside, what else could you do with all the money in the world. You can unlock each other’s fantasies with this one.

15: Who would you want to be stranded with on a deserted island?

This should be a clear indicator if they have a significant other in their lives. Also, a great way to tell whom they love or hate most.

16: Would you rather drive a supercar, ride a superbike, ride a royal horse, or sail in a yacht?

There is no better way of discovering someone’s ultimate fetish when it comes to transport. Don’t just stop there. Delve into the specifics and the why’s.

17: Which is more appealing to you? A whole year’s vacation in Hawaii or any large city in the world?

Is it the high flashy noisy life or the cool tropical breeze? Only one way to know.

18: If you could have a personal assistant for life, would you make him cook for you or clean after you?

Note that you can’t pick both. This is easily one of the hardest questions in this category.

19: How do most of your friends describe you?

If you get an honest answer, that person is a keeper.

20: Assuming you could go back in time, what year would you go back to and why?

The answer to this should be tied to a nostalgic memory. Hopefully, you won’t have to make them relive painful moments.

Funny Get to Know You Questions

1: What do you value more between intelligence or looks?

This should be your cue to know whether this person will get to like you. Such a good way to determine what a person’s character is like.

2: According to you, which animal would be the scariest if it could hear and talk to us?

Time to unleash the quiet stupidity lying within each person. Make sure to imagine and laugh about it.

3: Assuming you could breed any two animals to form a superior combination, what two animals would you use?

The best thing about this category is that things only get better. This one would make you both sprawling on the floor.

4: Would you rather have unlimited strength or unlimited wisdom for the rest of your life?

If you are looking forward to having something serious with someone, you might want to consider their answer to this question. It tells a lot. Be the judge.

5: Do you prefer eating sushi or tacos on a chilled sunny day?

None of the two have any deeper meaning. This is meant to spark an interesting conversation about food and the weather.

6: Would you rather have tattoos for every action you did in the past week or a body that changes color based on emotion?

Explore the numerous variations in this scenario and create a lively conversation regarding the same and how your different preferences could work.

7: If you had the power to make any animal the size of an elephant, which would it be?

Quite fascinating and odd at the same time. How would the new animal even look like?

8: Assuming you were a ghost, who or where would you haunt?

Yet another question that speaks volumes on behalf of the person answering it.

9: Would you rather live for the rest of your life without meat or a phone?

In such a digital age, it would be hard for someone to forego their phone for food. But who knows, they might be crazy meat lovers.

10: If you were transformed into a real-life landmark, which one would you be?

The Statue of Liberty? The Burj Khalifa? Of course, everyone would want to be one of the renowned landmarks.

11: Do you prefer being the best player in the worst team or the worst player in the best team?

What matters to this person? Is it teamwork or personal development?

12: Given the chance to only eat one fruit for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

Choose wisely, the fruits are a great way of measuring and determining a person’s personality traits.

13: Which is your best movie sequel ever and why?

There could be heated but funny discussions from this, especially if you both love movies.

14: How much would you want to be paid to eat a live snail?

Make it interesting and remove the option of not taking the snail at all.

15: If you could choose a celebrity’s residence to sleep in for a week, which one would it be?

There are so many options. Taste and character is the only thing that determines the answer.

16: Which animal would you like to have for a partner if you were stuck in a desert all alone

Just don’t choose an animal that would eat you later on after the.

17: What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen while watching television with your family?

There has to be a wide range of such moments; all it takes is memory and recovering it.

18: What is your most thrilling guilty pleasure?

Ensure no one hears the answer, regardless of me being single.

19: Which song on your phone would you be most embarrassed about if played in public?

How much or how strong is the childishness in your friend?

20: What is your least favorite word and why?

Of course, they don’t know all the words in the dictionary but at least they know something.

21: If you could become the opposite gender for a week, what would you do?

Could you make more or less money than you already have?

Get to Know You Questions for Students

Get to Know You Questions for Students

1: Tell me one kitchen appliance you have used every day for the past month?

Don’t limit it to one. Give them the liberty to say as many as possible.

2: What is your stance on rollercoasters? Do you love or hate them?

They may have not used one, but of course, they have an idea of their perception towards roller coasters.

3: Most of the time, is your glass half-full or half-empty?

Positivity is key in life. You have to know the kind of person you are working with.

4: What wouldn’t you ever want to do again in your life?

This could result in an interesting conversation or an emotional one.

5: What is the most peculiar thing you have ever eaten?

You may think you have heard it all, but people out there have explored all sort of food.

6: Who is the most influential person in your life?

Use this to gauge the kind of person you are dealing with and how they run their lives.

7: If you were to switch places with any celebrity for a whole year, who would it be?

After this, you can reference or determine their preferences, based on their answers.

8: What are your favorite family meals and recipe?

Don’t be judgmental when you hear something that disgusts you. We are all entitled to different opinions.

9: What is your fondest childhood memory?

This way, you can easily know what someone was like growing up. You can use this to compare whether they turned up to be what they said they would be.

10: What was your least favorite subject in school? And why?

Who knows? You might be sharing the worst subject.

11: What is the craziest or most daring thing you’ve ever done for love?

If none has crazy daring things, you could discuss what you both hope to gain from serious love life.

12: How old were you when you realized that there are no Easter bunnies or Santa Clause?

Kids nowadays discover it quicker, thanks to their active social media presence. You may have been brought up in a different setting, so ask away.

13: Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

Such a long time to evaluate and consider the many options in life. Add 20 more years you’re your current experiences and imagine the loss you are having.

14: What is your dream job?

There is no age limit for this. Anyone can achieve anything.

15: If you had the opportunity to join a famous music band, what would it be?

To make it more fun, you can specify whether it is a girl band or a boy band.

16: How many languages can you speak and hear?

You can not lie about this one. The one asking could make you speak in the mentioned language just to see your proficiency levels.

17: What is your favorite Hollywood movie?

Similar to a question asked above, this should help both of you unwind from serious talks.

18: If you had a premium ticket to any eatery for a whole month, what would it be?

Imagine and remember all your wildest imagination.

19: What piece of advice would you give to someone who’s five years younger than you?

This has you covered about the other person’s personality and character.

20: What is the name of your first crush?

They might want to take a drink for this one because trying to remember over such a long time could be problematic.

21: If you had your own country to rule, what is the first law you would enforce?

The possibilities in this are just priceless.

22: What are two things that have to run on your mind daily?

We all have things that stay on top of our heads like pinned tabs on a browser.

23: What celebrity would you like to have lunch with for an hour?

The list would be endless. Among all those, tell them to pick a favorite one.

24: What song best describes your personality or character?

Think out loud and come up with a song that can be used for camps.

25: What is the most absurd thing someone has ever said to you?

Keep your eyes open and sharp. Get ready to see people’s worst side.