80 Interesting ‘Most Likely’ Questions – For Friends and Family 

Most Likely’ Questions

Sometimes, happiness doesn’t come through millions of dollars or expensive vacations. It comes through the evening friendly hangouts, the late-night conversations with your family or even a fun, lively session of interactive games with your colleagues.

Whichever the case, you should always take advantage of the various social activities and games available at your disposal. In today’s question game, we will focus on the renowned ‘most likely’ question activity that will most-certainly leave you and your friends yearning for more.

Not only does it help you explore an endless world of possibilities, but it can also help you learn the various tendencies and honest thoughts about your friends. Further, it is a great way of unwinding.

Here are some of the sample questions you would ask:

Best ‘Most Likely’ Questions

1: Who is most likely to be the happiest with life?

You have to know each other pretty well to come up with an accurate answer for this.

2: Who is most likely to last the longest while holding their breath?

Even better, perform some fun tries to establish who is truly good at it.

3: Who is most likely to have the weirdest piercings?

Depending on the different personalities in the room, this shouldn’t be hard.

4: Who is most likely to watch p*rn the whole day?

At the end of the day, no one should be judged. Feel free to call someone out. Trust me, it would be fun. No kids for this one though.

5: Who is most likely to do the craziest publicity stunts?

Here’s another light moment to cite examples of how crazy people have been outdoors.

6: Who is most likely to have the worst phobias?

You have to be cautious with this one. Be careful not to bring out something scary that happened.

7: Who is most likely to get married last?

This could spark a huge conversation about dating life, but it would be a real eye-opener to many.

8: Who is most likely to get a Grammy award?

Here’s to inspiring someone’s hidden talent. If there’s no likely candidate, then you need a change of friends.

9: Who is most likely to die a stupid death?

Take this on a very light note, lest you’ll have people leaving the game.

10: Who is most likely to murder someone in cold blood?

Throw such questions once in a while in the game to give people a chill.

11: Who is most likely to win in an intense fight?

Either the toughest person in the group or the bravest. Which one will it be?

12: Who is most likely to embarrass themselves on their first impression?

Everyone has a story to tell about this. Make everyone give their story, and vote the worst experience.

13: Who is most likely to get their hand broken after punching a wall?

Of course, the most fragile in the group. Assuming you are not playing with a bunch of athletes.

14: Who is most likely to meet a ghost in real life?

In short, who is the creepiest person in the group? Answer this and you’ll have your person.

15: Who is most likely to become a millionaire first?

How highly do your friends think of you? Time to know who the most acclaimed person in the squad is.

16: Who is most likely to fail in the simplest test?

There’s always that one dumb person in your inner circle. Don’t be discriminatory though.

17: Who is most likely to become an angel in the afterlife?

The holiest? The softest-spoken person? Well, that’s up to you.

18: Who is most likely to get caught for walking around naked at night?

With the right combination of friends, you should be able to point this person out in no time.

19: Who is most likely capable of talking to animals?

This is rather difficult, but it could be a great way of showing who is more connected to animals.

20: Who is most likely to fall asleep in a serious mathematics class?

Either that person is extremely smart or doesn’t give a hoot about mathematics.

21: Who is most likely to chew loudly and eat with their mouths wide open?

Being known for such a humiliating thing might be the one thing that transforms your behavior.

22: Who is most likely to cry in a sad romance movie?

Make sure there is a guy on this list. They make the greatest sissies. Trust us!

23: Who is most likely to have three girlfriends at the same time?

You would be more comfortable ratting this person out if there were no female friends/ prospective girlfriends around.

24: Who is most likely to playboys and hurt their feelings?

Remember, you don’t have to be sure about anything. This game is all about speculation and wild guesses.

25: Who is most likely to worry about the small things in life?

After establishing the person, try and find out why they have been like that. It might encourage someone to live worry-free lives.

26: Who is most likely to be the first one to die in a robot invasion?

Channel your inner-thinking and pick out the most susceptible person. Sucks to be them!

27: Who is most likely to do the craziest outdoor stunts?

Once you know this, you will at least be more cautious when walking around with that person.

28: Who is most likely to stress over everything in life?

The important thing is letting that person know there is more to life than stressing over everything.

29: Who is most likely to become a famous actor/ singer?

Gas someone up and let them know how talented you think they would be. Also, feel free to make fun of them.

30: Who is most likely to act a zombie in an apocalypse film?

Don’t just stop there, make that person act the part or pretend they were in some auditions.

31: Who is most likely to get a divorce because of cheating?

Make sure this is on a hypothetical note. You don’t want to jinx anyone.

32: Who is most likely to get transformed physically through surgery

This must be the ugliest in the group or someone who simply wants to achieve perfection.

33: Who is most likely to be late and mess up their wedding?

You have to hand this one a medal. Get a good laugh at some of the important functions people have gotten late for.

34: Who is most likely to enjoy stupid ideas all the time?

Yet another chance to unleash some of the stupid ideas you have entertained. This is all about unwinding and forgetting your daily struggles.

35: Who is most likely to have the highest body count?

People have different perceptions of this, so make sure to define exactly what you mean.

36: Who is most likely to own a reality show?

You might as well further discuss what the reality show would be all about.

37: Who is most likely to rise to the top in a drug cartel?

If they don’t know some Spanish or Mexican slang used by drug dealers, then they cannot be true kingpins.

38: Who is most likely to skydive without being scared?

This would be easy to know. People with no regard to thrilling car rides and heights.

39: Who is most likely to stop a train by standing in front of it?

One of the questions to help you know just how daring your friends are.

40: Who is most likely to be accepted into the Secret Service?

What is one of you was a spy in disguise? Well, you would never know for a fact, would you?

41: Who would most likely score highest in all exams?

This is one of the most important questions in the game because it helps highlight how you have gauged each other’s IQ.

42: Who would most likely become a great nanny?

Someone being caring and authentic doesn’t necessarily make them the best nanny, but every answer is open to rejection or dispute.

43: Who is most likely to get detained for beating up a police officer?

Probably the one who would win in an intense fight, as mentioned earlier.

44: Who would most likely get dumped within the first week of marriage?

There better not be any potential spouses or partners in the room when asking this.

45: Who is most likely to feign sickness at work just to travel to a music concert?

It would be amazing to know who would go such a long way just for fun. Life should not be so serious though.

46: Who would most likely be the worst alcoholic here?

Such questions make this game lengthy and fun. You could always try out-drinking each other while you are at this one.

47: Who would most likely be valued as the richest person in the world?

Maybe this is your sign of getting a billionaire friend. Choose wisely.

48: Who is most likely to be considered as the most powerful person in the world?

The fun bit about such questions is that everyone uses different criteria to choose the ideal candidate.

49: Who is most likely to be a terrible gambler?

If you’ve played some board games or card games together, you would most definitely know who this person is.

50: Who is most likely to have missed most classes in school

Don’t kid yourself. The worst joker could have been the most serious student and vice versa.

51: Who is most likely to become an expert in the aviation industry?

This would be rather hard to know, especially if none of you is doing anything close to aviation.

52: Who is most likely to be a bank robber?

Turn up the thrill in the game by making such accusations and seeing how different people react.

53: Who is most likely to become a nun or a catholic priest?

Time to make fun of the most innocent and humblest person in the group. You might be amazed though; people have all sorts of hidden personalities.

54: Who is most likely to discover and develop new scientific theories?

Cheers to the nerds and futuristic thinkers in the group. Brace yourself for some nerdy talk and brainy ideas.

55: Who is most likely to get a cardiac arrest from watching a scary movie?

Maybe none, but you have to come up with an answer to each. You could also wait for validation from the person you’ve chosen.

56: Who is most likely to be recognized globally and awarded the Nobel peace prize?

It takes a lot to be responsible. This should be easy to know.

57: Who would most likely be more beautiful if they were an animal?

This might have come out as an insult, so make sure to pick someone who wouldn’t mind being told such. Either way, ensure it’s the truth, at least not entirely.

58: Who is most likely to be insecure about little things in life?

Another one of those questions that speak volumes about someone. Be sure to approach this sensitively to avoid clashes.

59: Who is most likely to be the first to enter a submarine?

Well, not the people who hate bathing or swimming.

60: Who would most likely live a better life if they were a mermaid?

Considerably one of the weirdest questions on the list, but it doesn’t hurt to spark some imagination.

61: Who is most likely to be the first to get a car?

If all of you have cars, you might as well change the topic to a yacht.

62: Assuming we were all young, who would be the most likely to get deflowered first?

Another one of those PG-rated questions. Interesting talk for adults all the same.

63: Who is most likely to be sensitive to the tiniest things?

If you all have this person in mind, you might as well not call them out loud because they would find it sensitive.

64: Who is most likely to have the hottest partner?

Brace yourselves for a period of boasting and rubbing it in from the person you choose. They better not disappoint in the future.

65: Who is most likely to fart in public the most times?

Here’s one for another good laugh. If you have a bone to pick with this individual, this could be your only chance to air out your views.

66: Who would most likely be a rich arms dealer?

A drug kingpin and an arms dealer in the same group is a sign that you need better friends in life.

67: Who is most likely to have an obsessive-compulsive disorder?

Quite interesting to eliminate one person at a time depending on their levels of obsession.

68: Who is most likely to presser New York to Hawaii?

This may bring up some heated conversations between people who support both extremes. But that’s the fun in it.

69: Who is most likely to leave their kids alone to hang out with friends?

By all means, condemn this person. Kids need to present their parents.

70: Who is most likely to live a principled life without compromising?

If you have been looking for a mentor or a responsible advisor, you might just be in luck.

71: Who would most likely become a renowned journalist?

Easy! Who has been taking most pictures of you?

72: Who is most likely to be a strict perfectionist?

To best understand everyone’s point of view, let everyone give a detailed explanation of why they picked someone.

73: Who is most likely to live a fully devout life to God?

We all need such a person in the squad. Make sure your spiritual life is covered though.

74: Who is most likely to get robbed most stupidly?

If I was to make a wild guess, it would be the one who is susceptible to falling for pranks.

75: Who is most likely to get punched in the gut?

Make it enjoyable by stating the various reasons why this could happen.

76: Who is most likely to work as a bartender?

Round of applause for the mixologist in the crew. Use this to appoint roles for the next party.

77: Who is most likely to be yelled at by parents in public?

If your clique of friends is young, then you might have more than one contender for this.

78: Who is most likely to be forgotten on their birthday?

It could be the one who loves sleeping or the one who hates parties and outdoor events most.

79: Who is most likely to get stuck on an elevator or a bathroom?

Envision the panic and stress at that moment and imagine how everyone would react.

80: Who is most likely to get lost while on vacation?

This could happen to anyone, but there is always someone who is more qualified.