Interesting & Romantic Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Are you tired of the same old redundant conversations with your better half? Are you in dire need of a change in the way you communicate with your girlfriend? If so, you might just be in luck. Stimulating a conversation should not be hard, especially when it comes to your girlfriend.

However, if you need a quick nudge, you could always use this simple question game every once in a while. You would be amazed how much it eases tension, helps you delve into random topics and keeps things interesting. Furthermore, you should always strive to know your girlfriend better.

This is a must-try!

Best Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

1: What is the dumbest thing you have ever been asked? And why did you find it dumb?

Time to hear some of the absurd things people say. Try not being surprised.

2: How many kids would you like to have in the future?

This is rather deep, but it qualifies as one of the best questions any guy should ask.

3: Do you consider yourself a cat person or a dog person?

If you are having any pet ideas, you might want to know what your girl feels about it.

4: According to you, how many stars were formed in the galaxy today?

A speculative question because there is no way to conclusively know the answer.

5: Is it okay if I called you whenever I feel like hearing your voice?

Sometimes, all you need is reassurance. Of course, we all know the answer to this.

6: How long would you kiss me when people are watching?

Depending on your girlfriend’s character, you should know what to expect.

7: Do I ever make your heart race when I walk into a room or should I try harder?

Time to gas yourself up and get some validation from the woman of your dreams.

8: Am I doing a good job as far as making you happy is concerned?

Disclaimer: The tone and mood when asking this could set things off on a different course. Try and be light about it.

9: What did you love most about the first time we met?

The real question is, what exactly does she remember about the first time you met? Test her memory with this one.

10: What is your idea of a perfect evening date?

Take notes lads, you might have some heavy answers coming from this one.

11: If you had a warning label about anything, what would be written on it?

Everyone has that tiny thing that ticks. It could be a pet peeve or something they loathe. Time to know her warning label!

12: What would you enjoy more? A relaxed getaway weekend with me or the most fantastic vacation with your friends?

If she chooses friends over you, maybe its high time to rethink if you have the ideal partner.

13: What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

You probably have the answer to this, but it doesn’t hurt making her relive the experience.

14: Given the opportunity and money, where in the world would you like to go for your honeymoon?

In short, what’s her dream destination? Keep your mind open on this one. Girls have the most surprising destinations in mind.

15: Assuming I was moving to a country far away, would you accompany me?

This one almost goes without saying. You could use this chance to discuss a foreign country you would both like to travel as a family.

16: Would you meet my parents right now?

Be logical when asking this. Consider the time you have dated and how comfortable you are around each other.

17: When was the exact moment you realized you were in love with me?

Almost instantly? Maybe love at first sight is a real thing.

18: What are some of the hobbies we have in common?

This is the perfect opportunity to get some of the activities you would enjoy doing together.

19: On a scale of 1-10, how good are you at keeping secrets?

If you have a secret in mind, this is the right time to share it.

20: Have you ever doubted that we are soulmates?

If you have doubts, you could use this to establish your partner’s opinion.

21: If we were to get married today, which wedding venue would you like?

Similar to choosing a honeymoon destination, she will most certainly put some thought into it. So, don’t be in a hurry.

22: How many times did you contemplate kissing me before we did?

Must be fun knowing how you both speculated and envisioned things happening.

23: If you were to describe me using one word, what would it be?

Most couples have not explored such questions, have fun while at it.

Romantic Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

1: What does your dream wedding look like to you?

She would know you have plans for a great wedding. This is one way to start the marriage plans.

2: Where would you want us to be in 10 years?

If you have your objectives and goals straight, then you can turn this into a motivational talk.

3: What is your perfect example of a romantic honeymoon? And for how long?

Hopefully, you have a girlfriend who’s into romantic vibes.

4: How many kids do you envision yourself having by 30?

It is vital to talk about such things. Weigh out all the factors and plan ahead of time.

5: When and under what circumstance would you like to meet my parents?

Decent but deep question. The key thing is describing what your parents are like, what they like and what they hate.

6: What is the ideal retirement plan according to you?

Keep in mind you will both retire around the same time, so you better have your ideas set straight.

7: What is the one major deal-breaker in a relationship for you?

If you have known each other for long, you should have this in mind, or at least a clue of what it is.

8: What have you always wanted to do on Valentine’s day?

This feels like cheating in an exam. On valentine’s day, pull up the surprise on her.

9: Would you rather have a song we both love or our unique dance style?

This is rather hard if you asked me. But people have different personalities. Stay open-minded.

10: Would you like to do a time capsule for our grandkids?

A time capsule is simply a form of storing information for future purposes. Who wouldn’t do one anyway?

11: Which song would you like to walk down the aisle to?

Every girl has pictured this scene countless times. Expect an answer almost instantly.

12: In your own words, what is the definition of love?

Love is many things, but everyone has their unique perception of what love entails.

13: What popped in your mind when you first saw me?

The fun part about this is being as honest as possible about what they thought. It might be funny, romantic or even weird.

14: Do you believe in fate, destiny, and soulmates?

If you two have the perfect relationship, then there’s some form of fate working its way.

15: What is the one thing you treasure most about our relationship?

Knowing this will help you retain that thing your partner values most.

16: If you were to make a list of the things that attracted me to you, what would be first on your list?

Is it the smile? The jokes? Whatever the case, this will show what your girlfriend values most about you.

17: From my list of nicknames for you, which one is your most favorite?

Or least favorite? Delve into reasons as well. Time to get annoying and stubborn.

18: What runs through your mind after our first kiss?

If she was nothing but mind blown, I suggest you find yourself another keeper. Just kidding!

19: Would you prefer roses to chocolate?

All romantics have a type. She must love one more than the other though, not both.

20: What would entice you more? Having a private beach or a whole apartment complex with me?

Both ensure privacy, but one is more outdoorsy and livelier. It depends on the type of person your girlfriend is.

21: Which one is more appealing to you: Holding your hand or grabbing your waist while walking?

Deep Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

1: How much do you value investments?

This is a good starting question for this category. Not too deep but it will most certainly change the mood.

2: Would you rather invest in real estate or the stock market?

You could as well as prepare some points for this because you might get into a heated business discussion.

3: What food or smell reminds you of your childhood?

Take a deep dive into how her childhood was and try and see if you could relive some of the happy moments.

4: What is the happiest memory you can remember while growing up?

There are tons of memories you wouldn’t remember but focus on the few ones you can never forget.

5: Would you lie to a court of law to save a close relative if it meant saving them from serving some jail time?

Quite tricky for most. The answer to this should ideally give a full representation of your character.

6: Do you ever regret the wild decisions and adventures of your youth?

If you are both still young, then this doesn’t apply to you. Speculating doesn’t hurt anyway.

7: If you lost your job and everything belonging to you, what would you do?

Though positivity is key, such scenarios help you grow and diversify your love language as a couple.

8: As you grow older, is there anything you are slowly becoming afraid of?

There has to be something. Death? Sickness? Good thing is that you both have each other for life.

9: Growing up, what are some of the challenging experiences that made you stronger?

It’s not always fun and games. Be prepared for any emotional turmoil here.

10: If we could live in a virtual world for 10 years without ever coming back to this one, what would be your ideal world?

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Try creating that happy place for her in this world.

11: Do you find yourself attracted to people’s physical appearance or personality traits?

You have probably already asked this question before getting into the relationship. If not, here’s your chance.

12: After spending time with other people, do you find yourself energized or drained?

Or both? Is your girlfriend the giver or the taker?

13: What are some of the best years of your life so far?

As a good boyfriend, note this down and use it sometime in the future. For her or your kids.

14: What is something you pray to grow out of?

One of the deepest questions in this section by far. Truly a vital session for sharing.

15: When was the last time you felt like a failure in life?

Your girlfriend should be able to trust you to motivate her during difficult times. This is one of those times.

16: What are some of the movies that made you cry the most?

After explaining the different movies and storylines, you can laugh it off with some of the fun questions in the next section.

17: If you could only accomplish one major thing in life, what would it be?

Creativity is key here. See what your girlfriend is truly capable of.

18: What kind of impression do you always strive to give when meeting someone for the first time?

Best believe we are all nervous and anxious during first time meeting, but we all hope it goes in a certain way.

19: If a close friend started saying mean things about you, how would you react?

Most people never talk about how they react to such situations until it happens.

20: What are some of the steps you have been taking to get closer to your dream?

You have to know your girlfriend inside out whilst pushing her to achieve her dreams.

21: What belief or norm do you have that most people don’t agree with?

Don’t be too judgmental about this one, we all have some weird beliefs and norms.

22: If you had all the money in the world, where would you like to retire?

Get yourself a stance on this one and give your honest opinion as well.

23: According to you, what should be the role of a woman in a relationship?

This should invoke some interesting thoughts. Find common ground in the end and agree on something.

Funny Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Funny Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

1: If you were to live in any fairy tale for a whole month, which one would it be?

More so, which character would you both like to be?

2: Assuming all vegetables were alive, which one would you marry, and why?

Lettuce hear what she has in mind.

3: Would you rather be great at all dance styles or be fluent in all languages?

Jack of all trades, master of none!

4: What cartoons do you still find yourself watching?

Maybe you are not the only one with some childish nature in you.

5: What job would you choose if you were to work in a circus?

You can choose any job, apart from being an animal of course.

6: Given the chance, which magical power would you like to have?

Also, discuss some of the good or bad things you would both do if you had superpowers.

7: Assuming there was reincarnation after death, what would you like to come back as?

There are endless possibilities for this. Think outside the box and explore the options.

8: What are some of the funny moments you would like to relive in life?

Most people have funny stories hidden deep within so get ready for a good laugh here.

9: Would you rather have the ability to talk to animals or to teleport?

This one almost feels existential. The first option feels weird, but the second one is more diverse.

10: Between having more money and more time, which one would be most appealing to you?

We hope you are both on the same page on this one.

11: If you had to drink 1 gallon of mustard or 1 gallon of ketchup, which one would you choose?

Quite tricky, but it’s never that serious. Feel free to add your own choices.

12: Would you rather look like a fish or smell like a fish for the rest of your life?

One has to stay! Speculate on how things would be. Make it fun.

13: You have the chance to choose a new first name, which one would it be?

After all, you never had the liberty to choose your name.

14: Imagine if the wildlife at large would make documentaries about human beings, what are the interesting things you think they’d show?

Here’s a chance to lash out on all the crazy things people do.

15: How do you think our hair knows when to stop growing?

Hopefully, your girlfriend is smart enough to come up with an interesting theory for this.

16: What is the first thing you would try if you lived in zero gravity?

If she’s the kind that would try out the bathroom first, she’s a keeper.

17: Would you rather live in a zombie apocalypse or a robot invasion?

Time to know whether your girl is into organic or technology.

18: Which would you pick between being a genius, a supermodel or extremely rich?

Make her tell some of the reasons too. You never know what the future holds.

19: If you could get one thing for free for the rest of your life, what would it be?

If you’ve always wondered what her greatest fascination is, this is your chance.

20: Would you ever be on a reality show? If so, which one?

Get into specifics and try understanding her way of reasoning.

21: Do you have any ridiculous goals in life?

Of course, everyone has a ridiculous goal in life. Don’t turn off her ideas though.

22: What fictional character or movie star do you think is more like you?

Well, you better have a girl that knows some superheroes and fictional characters!