60 Interesting Truth Or Dare Questions

Truth Or Dare Questions

There is nothing more thrilling than the grueling truth or dare question game; it is such a great way to unwind and make the hypothetical world come to life. When it comes to social activities, this one towers over them all!

Often, playing this game with your friends, family or even strangers could help you pick one or two things about them, and learn what they stand for. Our comprehensive list below gives you the chance to put your opponent to the test whilst still retaining the fun part of the game.

Before attending any truth or dare challenge, skim through this list and be sure to gain some ideas on what to expect. You won’t regret this!

Best Truth Or Dare Questions

Truth Questions:

1: Where, when and why did you cry last?

Quite moderate but it could get anyone by surprise, so make sure it’s not the first one to start.

2: If you were abandoned on an island with one person whom you know personally, who would it be?

Time to unleash someone’s animal instincts and show who they trust most.

3: What is the silliest thing you have done in front of an unfamiliar crowd?

We have all done something silly in front of people. Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

4: When was the last time you farted and blamed it on someone? Who was it?

You’ll be surprised to find out how childish grown-ups can be.

5: If you were to switch genders for one day, what are some of the things you would do?

So many answers but so little time to ponder around this thought.

6: What is the one thing you would do if you were invisible for an hour?

Movies have fed us enough. Anyone can answer this within the blink of an eye.

7: In your whole life, have you ever been humiliated? And why?

Notably, this one is sensitive, so how you handle the answer determines the impact it has on the person asked.

8: How have you ever taken revenge on someone who did you wrong?

Looks might be deceiving. The modest one among the players could have some Jackie Chan skills. In the end, make sure to emphasize on the right thing.

9: What animal would your crush sound like when she’s in the bathroom?

Such a hard situation to imagine. The most beautiful ones tend to have the wildest behavior.

10: If you could send a sarcastic or wild text to your crush, what would it be?

Let’s see where the limits have been set. How bad could it be anyway?

11: What are the top 10 items you bought but never used?

This should be a walk in the park. The problem is remembering what the items are exactly.

Dare Questions:

12: Give a nice foot massage to any one person in the room.

One of the grossest questions you will find in our collection. It seems daring enough.

13: Call your boyfriend/girlfriend’s parents and let them know you plan on marrying their child.

This is by far one of the greatest risks you could pull. But that’s the whole point of the game.

14: Let anyone in the room give you a super wedgie.

If you need to square up with someone, this is the ideal question.

15: I dare you to describe your best and worst date scenario.

Expect to have a vibrant jovial session here. Make sure to share more experiences.

16: Dance with either a mop or a broom

What’s the difference anyway? Both are fancy and embarrassing in their ways.

17: Take a moment and walk like the opposite gender

Put on some music to give the walk some punk-like energy. Be sure to enjoy it while it lasts.

18: Go outside and lick one of the car tires

Make sure to record them while they are at it. It would be good to have some leverage in future.

19: Send the wild text mentioned above to your crush.

Time to implement the hypothesized text. Beware: This will be harder than expected. Ensure you have some fines in case they don’t do as dared.

20: Hold hands with one person for the rest of the game

Ideal dare for fixing up a guy with his crush, don’t you think? Make sure to plan this with one of your boys in the game.

Funny Truth Or Dare Questions

Funny Truth Or Dare Questions

Truth Questions:

1: If you were to choose one swear word for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

We all have a nasty side, regardless of the softy spoken nature in us. This is a must answer for anyone.

2: What animation character does the person sited on your left remind you of?

Awaken your inner imagination and tap into the diverse library of cartoons you’ve watched.

3: What goes through your mind when sited on the toilet?

This is your chance to finally see how weird people can get. The question is, are you any better?

4: If your crush asked you to feel their hairy legs, would you do it?

Yes? No? Maybe? What’s the fun of it? Sounds creepy especially if she’s female.

5: Let’s assume everyone in the room was a type of food. According to you, what exactly would they be and why?

Another nice way to fix someone with their crush. Note that people listen and take such answers into account. It’s not always fun and games.

6: If you could teleport ahead of time or back in the past, where would you go?

Interesting and mind-boggling at the same time. Will it be the roots or the fruits? Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

7: If you had to marry one person in this room and had only one week to live, who would it be?

One of the trickiest questions here, but it’s all hypothetical, don’t take it seriously.

8: What is the most stupid thing you have done to gain recognition? Would you do it again?

Stupidity is relative, but we all have that thing we did for attention. We promise, no one will judge you.

9: Who amongst us would you like to swap lives with for a week?

Consider all the factors and even break them down it’s possible.

10: Would you love a stable, calm or wild relationship and why?

How far would you go and what do your players find tolerable? Best way to measure levels of crazy.

Dare Questions:

11: Use some ketchup to mark any player’s face with any funny shape.

Sounds fun! To make it better, introduce a rule that lets the ketchup stay glued throughout the game.

12: Open the page of any random book on the shelf and read out the whole page while mimicking any famous movie star

This can take any twist. It can end up being intriguing, extremely funny or even plain.

13: Take a bar of soap that someone has used and lick it

You may want to have a toothbrush and toothpaste set before doing this. The good thing is that your crush will kiss a cleaner tongue.

14: Mention one funny thing about everyone sited in the game.

The perfect opportunity to roast everyone in the room. You should always be prepared with something to say on such occasions.

15: Call one of the famous restaurants and ask stupid questions while making fun of their menu.

A word of advice: Get a phone that can’t be tracked back for this.

16: Creep behind someone, smell their hair while making sounds until they notice what you are doing, then laugh out loud.

One of the best ways to look and sound like a weirdo. Be sure to lose a few friends after this.

17: Play an old school song and make your best Michael Jackson mimic.

Ensure your teammates are aware of Michael Jackson first.

18: Pretend to speak with a foreign accent for the rest of the game

People with foreign accents must be feeling themselves.

19: Allow one of the players in the game to draw your eyebrows using a permanent marker

Beware to make enemies through such games. This is your chance to shine as a painter.

20: Put on a wig and sing your favorite old chorus while dancing.

This must be hilarious at the least. Join in and sing along. You might be surprised how far it could be.

Embarrassing truth or dare questions

Embarrassing truth or dare questions

Truth Questions:

1: Have you ever lied to your best friend about something sensitive? What was it about?

The important question is whether their best friend is around. Be careful though, this question might ruin life-long friendships.

2: Would you go out with someone who is as old as your father?

You would be amazed some people don’t see this as any problem. Time to study people’s morals. I just hope your crush is not the one answering this.

3: What is the worst grade you have ever scored in college?

Again, the best and worst grades are completely relative. However, it would help giving people a glimpse into your life.

4: Have you ever lied or cheated on an actual examination?

Unless you are playing with a bunch of prefects or exam supervisors, you should be comfortable telling the truth.

5: Have you ever had a crush on any of your teachers?

Not so hard. It should be a yes/no question, but you may follow it up with a few more where and how questions.

6: Assuming your dog could talk back to you, what would it say?

How well do you know your pet? Make the responses fun and engaging. More so, answer the ‘why’

7: How many people have you heart-broken?

People might have to lie through this one, especially if their crushes are around.

8: What is the most embarrassing moment in your life so far?

No one knows you that much. Ensure to get an answer from everyone regarding this.

9: What is the one false rumor about you that everyone believed?

At least the question has clarified that the rumor is false.

10: Have you ever stolen your parents’ money? And why?

It’s funny how people will admit to doing such things whilst playing a simple game.

11: Would you rather eat a boiled snail or a raw slug with its shell?

An interesting way of finishing off the questions and giving everyone that disgusted look.

Dare Questions:

12: I dare you to slip a nicely written letter on your class teacher’s desk describing how you love them and sign as a secret admirer.

This could take anyone by surprise, but it would be a good plan if the person handling it has a crush on the teacher.

13: Text your old crush and tell them you haven’t gotten over them.

What’s the big deal? If push comes to shove, you can simply admit it was just a game.

14: Take a video while lip-syncing one of Justin Beiber’s song and post it on all your social media accounts.

How many people would risk their respect and reputation for such activities? It’s all fun and games until you face fines.

15: For the rest of the game, quack like a duck every time you hear the word ‘you’.

Clear your throat or get those practice sessions in the bathroom. It sounds much fun when trying out the game in a group of friends.

16: Put on your browser and let everyone look at your history for the past one month.

This one deserves to be in this category. Who’s up to losing and making new friends?

17: Call your mom and tell her you have switched bodies with a cat and that you are in an animal shelter.

Of course, you would have to explain about the game later, unless you want your parents to fix them.

18: Take a photo of you pretending to drink from the toilet basin and use the hashtag #healthyliving.

This is the big deal now! Hopefully, after fulfilling this dare, you will delete your social media accounts.

19: Stand in front of your house and let everyone know you are an alien that has been abducted and that you need help to get back home.

Let’s hope your playmates are all prepared to go to a psychiatric ward.

20: Call your favorite local store and ask for a variety of underwear

Whoever is doing this should be in incognito mode, lest they don’t want to ever shop at that store ever again.