50 ‘Who Knows Me Best’ Questions

Who Knows Me Best Questions

As the days go by and the slow nights fade away, we all crave something that gives us a jolt of excitement without having to spend fortunes. You would never go wrong with an indoor game or activity; anything to keep you and your loved ones at bay.

If you are looking for something that cuts across the board, then these questions would be a great way of passing time and knowing how much people know you. Whether you want to play with friends, parents, cousins, lovers or your crush, we have you covered.

Here’s a taste of some of the best ‘How well do you know me’ questions.

Who Knows Me Best Questions

1: How many names do I have, and what are they exactly?

This should be easy. Not just for your closest friend, but anyone who has known you for long.

2: What is my sister’s maiden name? And what does she like doing most?

Just make sure this person has spent time with your family,

3: Do you know which city I grew up in and what I hated most about living there?

Everyone holds their childhood memories close to heart. Whoever knows this must be pretty close to you.

4: Can you name any of my parents’ siblings?

It wouldn’t make any sense to ask this to a family member. It would be best if you tried it on a family friend.

5: What is my zodiac sign and what am I characterized by most?

The first part is simple, but no one could guess the second part if they didn’t know you well.

6: Did my parents ever give me an allowance when I was a child

This feels like a hard one. Use it if you are taking part in a ‘who knows me best’ competition.

7: What is my current favorite pastime?

It could be this very game. One of the best bonding questions on our list.

8: Could you name some of the chores I love doing?

Who loves doing chores? It’s just that the tolerance levels are different for each chore.

9: What has always been my dream destination and by what means of transport?

Use this one among your friends and see how well they know your travel fantasies.

10: Which was the one year I enjoyed going to summer camp?

Your summer campmates are ideally the best candidates for this one. Relive those beautiful or painful memories together!

11: Did I like primary school or elementary school more?

Such basic questions should help you know the people who have kept track of your well-being during your school life.

12: When traveling, do I love doing it by myself or do I enjoy when having other people tag along?

Use this if you need to confirm whether you are introverted or extroverted.

13: Am I a dog or cat person? And which wild animal have I always desired to have as a pet?

This is not your everyday topic of discussion. The one who gets it right must know you well.

14: If I had the power to teleport anywhere in the world, where would I go without a second thought?

Anyone who has heard you talking of your dream destination should be able to know this.

15: What is the longest road trip I have ever been on? Did I enjoy it?

Either it was extremely good or extremely bad. Who would know for sure?

16: If we could both go for a one-week vacation, where would we choose and why?

There is no definite answer to this because you have bonded differently with all your friends.

17: What is the fanciest event I have ever been to?

It must have been something you have talked about endless times.

18: Who is my oldest and closest friend?

Again, the person you pose this question to has to have a wide knowledge of your circle of friends.

19: If I could come back as reincarnation, what animal would I be?

Lighten up the game by sparking some speculation with this one.

20: Do I have any visible allergies?

Could be a nice way to let all your friends know an existing health condition.

21: What is my fondest childhood memory?

You would dwell on this if you posed it to a childhood friend.

22: What year did I graduate from high school and what do I miss most from my school experience?

This one suits workmates on a slow Friday afternoon over some drinks. Get to share experiences.

23: If I could bring any famous person back to life, who would it be?

We all have celebrity icons. Everyone has to know who their friends admire most.

24: What are any three simple skills I suck at?

Be prepared to revisit some of the most embarrassing moments in your life.

25: I had to repeat one grade back in middle school. What was the reason?

Delve into the different possibilities had you not repeated. Make it fun.

26: How close am I, to my relatives and extended family?

This is purely determined by the number of times you hang out or converse with them.

27: What is the one thing I would never admit to anyone?

Uncovering those secrets once in a while creates a healthy inner environment.

28: Name two songs I love singing in the car

Again, you have to ask this to people who have been around you the longest.

29: Have I ever had to turn down a date with a good-looking person?

The question sounds too specific to be false. Make them guess the reason why.

30: What is my current relationship status?

This would be a nice way to tell your crush how single and available you are.

31: What is my least favorite thing about adulting?

There could be a whole list here. Adulting is not what anyone expected.

32: Is there any smell that reminds me of you?

Keep an open mind. Everyone has a different perception and memory of you.

33: What reality show or game would I be best in?

Your personality or character traits should sell you out on this one.

34: On a scale of 1-10, how spicy do I like my food? 10 being the highest level

Ask someone who doesn’t know you well and see whether they think of you as a tough or soft person.

35: Name any three things we would never disagree on.

In times of disagreement, it would help knowing there are some things you agree on.

36: Who was my biggest crush growing up and who is my current secret lover?

It would be fun trying this on someone whom you have a crush on. Time to burst your bubble.

37: What do you think I’d do first if I became president for a day?

Time to finally determine what your friends think of you. A productive or overtly indulging leader?

38: Am I scared of gaining weight or height?

It could be both, but who knows you better than you know yourself?

39: What is my favorite meal of the day and why?

You could also ask this if you need some personal clarification. Let them figure it out for you.

40: What is the one thing you do that makes me laugh out loud?

This is not meant for all friends. Just a few ones who push all your buttons.

41: Do I like comedies, horror or mystery movies?

It depends on how much you express your love for movies. Great question though.

42: In your own words, explain how good or bad I am at cooking

If they have no clue, are they even supposed to be in your life?

43: We are going to let in one celebrity in our circle of friends. Who would it be?

You have probably never discussed this, so the closest guess would be the winner.

44: Who would be the first person to benefit if I won the lottery?

In essence, the one who gets this knows all the people you are close to.

45: Have I ever been involved in a car accident or bad incident for that matter?

This could completely change the mood, especially if the other person has been involved in an accident.

46: What is my regular drink at the bar?

If you are playing with a group of friends, use this as an opportunity to tell some of the funny drunken stories.

47: If I was to serve some real jail time, what would it be for?

Here’s where the funny answers and thoughts flood in. Give it a good laugh while it lasts.

48: Do I love the sunny, rainy or snowy season?

Don’t make this one-sided, also get to know what the other person likes.

49: Have I ever been admitted to the hospital? If so, what was it for?

To make it more fun, create hypothetical and imaginary scenarios. You would be amazed!

50: What is my greatest pet peeve as far as the opposite gender is concerned?

Make sure to tell them the right answer if they get it wrong. Who knows, they might just introduce you to your future spouse.