Best Would You Rather Questions For Couples

Interesting Would You Rather Questions

Would You Rather Questions For Couples

Let’s face it: Sometimes, we just want to escape from our fast-paced lives. Behind closed doors, connecting with your spouse can get hard, especially at the end of a normal working day. Small talk doesn’t suffice most of the time and gets boring in the end. You must understand that it was never meant to be all fun and games! All you need is to get a little inventive on how to connect with your partner.

What better tool to use than this novel activity-game: ‘Would you rather’? Whether you are having a date with other couples or having some free time cuddled up on the couch, this great conversation-starter could invoke some great talk and help you understand your mate’s personality to great lengths.

Every question is like a coin; two-sided and could have completely different outcomes. Below are some of our best ‘Would you rather questions’ accompanied by a quick analogy to show each question’s implication, just in case you are unsure how or when to use it.

Best Would You Rather Questions

1. Would you rather take me out for a romantic movie date or a theme park date on my birthday?

Such a good way to find out how well your partner knows your idea of the perfect date.

2. Would you rather have four kids or two sets of twins?

It helps plan for your future family life but would definitely catch them by surprise.

3. Would you rather be completely immune to cold things or heat?

Use this to develop a personal character trait based on hot and cold things.

4. Would you rather live in the 15th century as a tycoon or in your current dream destination as a normal person?

Works well in the early stages of the game and helps in thinking outside the box.

5. Would you rather know all your future mistakes or what the present would have been without all your past mistakes?

A good question to ask if your spouse has been affected by past mistakes.

6. A good question to ask if your spouse has been affected by past mistakes

Either way, both will still be boring in the long run, but which is the better option?

7. Would you rather be super strong or super-fast?

There’s no better way to bring out the inner super-hero in your partner.

8. Would you rather have unlimited true friends or unlimited money?

A big question that can help you dictate and envision future priorities.

9. Would you rather enforce world peace or eradicate world hunger?

Such a hard question. Though it reveals compassion in both cases.

10. Would you rather go to the future and meet your great-great grand-children or travel back and meet your greatest ancestors?

The ultimate measure of curiosity. Each part of the timeline has much to learn from.

11. Would you rather be the greatest mathematician or the greatest dancer?

A battle of science and art.

12. Would you rather control time or the order of events?

Expand your realities to the different possibilities of each.

13. Would you rather be able to explore the deepest parts of the sea or the unexplored parts of space?

Unearth each other’s adventurous spirits and fascinations with this.

14. Would you rather have a simple apartment in the city of your choice or a huge country-side mansion in your home country?

We can all agree that this question puts you between a rock and a hard place.

15. Would you rather be the weakest superhero or the most-powerful villain?

Test your better half’s purity of heart. Both are always subject to change anyway.

Funny Would You Rather Questions

1. Would you rather have a pig or a goat as a pet?

A gullible swine compared to a gentle bearded mammal. Both reflect on personality traits.

2. Would you rather have a clown’s nose or elephant’s ears for the rest of your life?

Laugh this one off as you imagine the absurd implications.

3. Would you rather fart uncontrollably or drool uncontrollably?

The real question is, would your partner still be with you in either condition?

4. Would you rather eat breakfast for supper or supper for breakfast for the rest of your life?

Explore some of the endless possibilities of not being limited to normal standards.

5. Would you rather not brush your teeth for a month or not take a bath for a week?

You’d lose friends either way; better choose a reason that’s worth it.

6. Would you rather be a master pianist at concerts or a professional stand-up comedian?

Both come with a reasonable amount of credit and shows which niche your partner fancies most.

7. Would you rather have hair on your whole body or be completely bald?

Take a moment and laugh at the imagination of this and appreciate the reality .

8. Would you rather kiss a frog for two seconds or hold a snake for a whole hour?

Weird but funny in some way. A good way to show the extremes you would both take.

9. Would you rather look good all the time and smell bad or look bad and smell good all the time?

None is better than the other. The key is to reveal more about the character.

10. Would you rather free fall into the grand canyon with a parachute or surf in waters infested with sharks?

Who doesn’t love a good scary and funny case-scenario? A good one to get out of the comfort zone.

11. Would you rather be the star in a romantic soap opera or the antagonist in a blockbuster?

This question would be rather meaningless without a ‘why’ at the end.

12. Would you rather wear visible diapers or take all your food from a baby bottle for the rest of your life?

Test of embarrassment! What could be down for? Both tarnish your reputation.

13. Would you have a suppressed soprano or a deep bass every time you had to make a speech?

Funny at the very least. Both scenarios have different implications for both genders.

14. Would you rather always use a toilet with hidden lizards or an extremely dirty one?

Bringing out the daredevil or the don’t-care nature of your partner.

15. Would you rather live with short neat hair or long unkempt hair for the rest of your life?

Two different possibilities each with its own pros and cons. Which would it be?

Dirty Would You Rather Questions

Dirty would you rather questions

1. Would you rather get kinky in a bar or a house party?

Both options could have more specifics; Don’t fail to explore them all.

2. Would you rather have hints on how to get things started or have things figured out by yourself?

Ideal for new couples. One of the best ways to know the daredevil in your partner.

3. Would you rather have endless hugs or endless French kisses for the whole year?

One has to go for a whole year. Which one can you or can you not live without?

4. Hypothetically, would you rather flirt with your employee or your colleague?

The implications would be extreme in both cases. Again, this gives you a chance to evaluate your partner’s infidelity levels.

5. Would you rather tease with ice cubes or with hot wax?

Serves as a great eye-opener on the extent of kinkiness and types of fetish.

6. Would you rather cuddle at night or in the morning?

Use such questions as a tool for correcting some of the things you’ve been doing wrong.

7. Would you rather get in the mood in a steamy shower or in a bubble bath?

One feels romantic, the other feels wild. But which is better than the other?

8. Would you accidentally send a nasty text to your mum or a sexy voicemail to your boss?

Hilarious, scary and interesting at the same time. Time to see what your partner is more afraid of.

9. Would you rather get a massage with maple syrup or peanut butter?

Do they even love massage in the first place? This could lead to trying out new things.

10. Would you rather walk in your parents in law-making love or have them walk on you?

Hands down: both are accompanied by a stomach-churning feeling. But one must happen.

11. Would you rather give a hickey, or have it given to you?

Maybe you’ve been doing things the wrong way. Albeit could be a great kick-starter.

12. Would you rather have your back scratched or your hair pulled?

The endless thoughts sparked by this question makes it even more interesting. Get into the how’s and whys based on the answer.

13. Would you rather skinny dip in an ocean or a pool?

Same movie, different cast. Maybe one is more tolerable than the other.

14. Would you rather be overweight or extremely hairy?

Good question if you love flexing in the bedroom, trying out new things and being oral-oriented.