Would You Rather Questions For Kids: Must Try!

Questions For Kids

Playing with kids after a long week or a long day is not only therapeutic but also enforces a strong parent-children relationship. As a parent or guardian, you should always strive to find ways to bond with your young ones, especially in this ‘live-stream and online multiplayer games’ generation.

It is no surprise to find kids who see their parents daily but remain distant as ever. Listen! When your jobs come to an end and your kids grow up, the only thing that will count is what you instilled in them and the memories you made.

The good news is that it is never too late to engage them in interesting games such as ‘would you rather’. It could help you connect with them and reveal numerous traits about them.

With these simple, clean, yet interesting questions, you could get to interact and create something like never before:

Best Would You Rather Questions for Kids

1. Would you rather be the firstborn or the last born?

We both know you’d want to know what your kids think about the sibling-order.

2. Would you rather swing, go to a water park, or go skiing?

Use this to determine some of your children’s favorite leisure preferences.

3. Would you rather be an air force pilot or a smart detective?

Who knows? This could trigger a passion for them to join law enforcement in future.

4. Would you rather be a professional singer or a dancer?

If your kid is all about science and technology, you could throw them off with this art-oriented question.

5. Would you rather visit a car show or watch a circus performance?

If it’s a boy, pray that he goes for the car show. Just kidding, circuses are fun as well.

6. Would you rather be extremely flexible or extremely sharp in maths?

The answer to this could help you predict the place of education in their lives.

7. Would you rather be a powerful villain or a weak superhero?

If you have ever wondered whether your kid has a good heart, this is for you.

8. Would you rather drive a fast police car or a powerful army tanker?

Speed versus Power; Even for an adult, this seems tricky. Are you as curious as I am?

9. Would you rather be a runway model or a famous actor?

If you are dealing with girls, this is a must-ask! Good thing both have some fame.

10. Would you rather be the smartest kid alive or the funniest one?

Time to take a glimpse of your kid’s future; well in a rather hypothetical way.

11. Would you rather be a famous writer or a famous explorer?

I should say; what your kid has been feeding on could greatly influence this answer.

12. Would you rather see things from a long distance or hear things from a long-distance?

Away from the normal stuff. Coming from a parent, this could help them think objectively.

13. Would you rather have the view of an ocean or the mountains and forests?

Breath-taking scenic views! Time to find out whether blue outweighs green.

14. Would you rather be able to have control over water or fire?

Disclaimer: The answer could take some time if your kids are great Airbender fanatics.

15. Would you rather have a lot of money but no family, or have less money but a big family?

Throw in a somewhat ‘adult’ question: You’d be amazed by kids’ perception.

17. Would you rather ride on the back of a rhino or an elephant?

Embarrassing, but rather practical. Might even reveal your child’s sexual orientation.

18. Would you rather ski every day or swim every day for the rest of your life?

If you are torn between a snowy or a beach for a vacation, just ask away!

19. Would you rather get your head stuck in a small bucket or get your hand stuck in a jar?

Regardless of the answer, make sure to put up measures to ensure neither happens.

20. Would you rather step on a slug or a crab?

Both slimy and slippery; just make sure none of your kids are scared by either creature.

21. Would you rather stay up all night watching cartoons or spend the whole day surfing the internet?

Now, this should be fun. It should reveal some of the priorities in their lives.

22. Would you rather switch lives with your worst enemy or your worst teacher?

Maybe they are too young to have enemies, or maybe you just don’t know them too well.

23. Would you rather have superpowers all your life or live every day as though it was Christmas?

Santa clause, gifts, Christmas trees, vs. imaginary, fascinating powers to save people.

Would You Rather Questions For Kids

Funny Would You Rather Questions for Kids

24. Would you rather be two years younger or 7 years older?

This would be easier if you had older kids. If not, prepare to answer questions.

25. Would you rather be able to walk sideways all the time or walk on fours like a cat?

Calls for some imagination. Be sure that the answer will go hand in hand with their favorite pet.

26. Would you rather be as fast as a cheetah or jump as high as a kangaroo?

What key to them? Speed or height?

27. Would you rather live in a triangular house or a circular one?

A rather interesting question, especially if your kids are SpongeBob fans.

28. Would you rather grow to the size of a building or shrink to the size of an ant?

Before asking this, come up with some pros and cons for each.

29. Would you rather eat a whole raw lemon or onion?

Laugh the answer out as you imagine the sour lemon and smelly onion.

30. Would you rather never have any homework for the rest of your life or earn $20 every time you did your homework?

Don’t be amazed by how long they might take to answer this. Both have leverage.

31. Would you rather have a giraffe-sized cat as a pet or a mouse-sized elephant?

It could take some time to digest this but, in the end,, a good laugh is all that matters.

32. Would you rather be a cartoon in real life or a human in a cartoon world?

Imagine the endless possibilities of what life could be in both outcomes.

33. Would you rather be able to understand animals or hear what everyone is thinking about?

What will it be? Dr. Dolittle the famous doctor who talked to animals, or a telepathic mutant?

34. Would you rather have a burger every day for breakfast or pancakes every day for dinner?

In the end, remind your kids that it was just a game. Refrain from unhealthy diets.

35. Would you rather sleep anywhere and whenever you wanted or eat anything at any time?

To spice things up, also answer what you would choose, and imagine how the family would be.

36. Would you rather go to school wearing elephant ears or a clown nose?

Both notable, and both the joke of the year. But none is better than the other.

37. Would you rather eat a rotten tomato or a can of dog food?

Though tolerable, ensure to also visit the doctor hypothetically after giving the answer.

38. Would you rather have a monkey face or a warthog’s teeth?

Making people laugh is better than chasing them away.

39. Would you rather work in a zoo or an amusement park?

What’s the main difference anyway? Both are full of fun, right?

40. Would you rather be able to fly or become completely invisible when you wish?

Invoke some thoughts about both possibilities and joke about the outcome.

41. Would you rather quit junk food or watching television for the rest of your life?

We both know what would have to go, especially for this generation.

42. Would you rather have an extra nose or an extra arm?

Smell people’s fears and lies or grab more opportunities!

43. Would you rather kiss a frog every day or pet a snake?

If you already have snakes for pets, skip the question or change characters.

44. Would you rather have to wear your shoes wrongly or your pants backward?

With all previous questions in mind, this should be a walk in the park for your kids.

45. Would you rather be overweight and addicted to junk or underweight and allergic to junk?

There is no in-between. One must go. Quite tough though!

46. Would you rather tell people your most embarrassing moment or have them listen to you singing in the shower daily?

Joke’s on you if your kid is Justin Beiber’s reincarnation.

47. Would you have the biggest smile or the smallest nose?

An imagination worth laughing at. Visualize it!

48. Would you rather never take a bath or never brush your teeth ever again?

Funny but disturbing. At least you’d know what to watch out for.