Best Never Have I Ever Questions for Couples

Never Have I Ever Questions for Couples

“Never have I ever…” is such an excellent game for people who are getting to know each other. However, it is not only for people who have just met. Couples can also play the game when looking for fun and new ways to know each other better.

Some of these questions are funny, while others are quite engaging. One thing you are assured of is that with these questions, you will never have that awkward silence with each other again.

How to Play

To play this game, first, you have to find a calm and quiet spot for you and your partner. You need to be able to recall some memories and things that happened in the past.

When asking the questions, you have to begin with, “Never have I ever…” then put in a claim. For example, “Never have I ever been inside a plane.”

There are two ways to play it;

  • The drinking game– Here, if you have ever been inside a plane, you take a shot of the drink you have. This is including the person who laid the claim. The other person asks the questions and the cycle continue this way. If it goes on for too long, you may both end up getting too drunk or ask more embarrassing questions. You need to take caution if you choose this path because you don’t want to lose what you have.
  • The point’s game– Here, no alcohol is involved. Instead, it is substituted by points. For example, if you have been inside a plane, you lose a point. The game ends when one of you has run out of points, and the one with some points left is the winner. When a person loses a point, they are asked to narrate how it happened.

Because you are a couple, you can spice things up by substituting points with make-out sessions or kisses. You can add a bit of tension by letting the other person wear blindfolds and kiss you at a particular place on your body. They should not kiss you at the same place twice.

Best Never Have I Ever Questions for Couples

1. Never have I thought about leaving you

This question is best suited for when you are going through a rough patch or immediately after. It is a bit dark, and you should expect the worst.

2. Never have I ever deleted a chat thread so you wouldn’t see it

This question can be a potential minefield. Make sure you answer it honestly.

3. Never have I ever been stunned by how amazing you are

Sometimes giving and taking compliments can be a bit difficult. A never have I ever question can be an excellent way to provide them with compliments.

4. Never have I faked interest so I’d make you happy

It could be challenging to imagine that your significant other can lie to make you happy, but you never know.

5. Never have I ever dated someone for more than one year

Some people assume certain aspects of their partner’s past. Knowing your partner’s dating past is very important, and this question will help you know more.

6. Never have I said “I love you” without feeling it

Get to know whether your partner has lied about their feelings and why they did. It doesn’t have to be about you. See if they’ve done it to their former partners.

7. Never have I ever been unfaithful

This is another potential minefield. The answer to this could lead to dire consequences. Be honest and let them know if you’ve been unfaithful in your current or former relationships.

8. Never have I ever had a friend with benefits

A perfect way to know the kind of relationships your partner has had before.

9. Never have been with the current or former love of my best friend

This one helps you evaluate the kind of relationships you’ve had before or currently have with your friends. Remembering how you relate with people close to you is equally important.

10. Never have wished you looked different

This one is somewhat hilarious. Sometimes we get too engrossed with the Idris Elba, and Jennifer Lawrence-ish looks we see in movies and fantasize with. Although we are all blessed with our good looks, an additional feature would help.

11. Never have I done something I regret

We all have done things in the past that we are not that proud of. This question will help you know that one thing whose memories don’t excite you.

12. Never have I ever been scared at the idea of growing old

Some things in life are inevitable. Growing old is as sure as the sun rises in the East. This idea, however, frightens some.

13. Never have I ever thought of how I am going to die

For most people, they are almost sure they’ll die of old age. There are however some who’d rather drown in a lake full of chocolate.

14. Never have I ever gone to the movies alone

While we all need people in our lives, independence is a good indicator. Going to the movies alone is a clear sign that someone has their own mind.

15. Never have I ever made an embarrassing video

If you were ever a teenager, then chances are high that you made an embarrassing video.

16. Never have I ever had a large circle of friends

We all have different preferences when it comes to the number of friends. Having a small circle of confidants and people you trust is just as good.

17. Never have I ever been part of a school play

This question would help you rekindle old memories of when you wanted to be a Hollywood celebrity. Or when you simply participated in a Christmas Carol.

18. Never have I ever sent a message I wish I didn’t

Sometimes we send messages to an unintended contact. Worse if it is explicit content. Those are the moments you wish the undo button existed when you most need it.

19. Never have I ever kissed/had sex on the first date

This question could easily be translated as a proposition. There is only one way to find out.

20. Never have I ever chosen to hang out with my friends over my partner

It is perfectly normal sometimes to want nothing but time with friends.

21. Never have I ever had a rebound

Rebounds have always been deemed necessary after a break up especially if you dated for a long time. If you’ve ever had one, how was the experience? Did it help or just left you feeling more miserable?

22. Never have I ever brought a partner home to meet my parents

Sometimes relationships get to a point where you feel your partner must meet your parents. Or maybe your mother kept bugging you to bring home the person you’ve been going out with.

Funny Never Have I Ever Questions for Couples

Funny Never Have I Ever Questions for Couples

1. Never have I bailed out on a plan in the last minute to just stay in bed

A night out or attending your favourite band’s concert with friends sounds like the perfect plan for a weekend. But sometimes we experience mood changes and just feel like hitting the pillow. Or perhaps you’ve had a long week, and burnout is getting the better part of you.

2. Never have told someone I’m on my way while I was in bed

We have different people when it comes to timekeeping. Some are always earlier than the planned time. Some are always on time. Then we have those who are always late regardless of the urgency of the situation. Which are you?

3. Never have I laughed at an inappropriate time

Remember that time you laughed out loud during a funeral service? Give more details about why you did that.

4. Never have I let out a fart with loud noises

This one is hilarious just from the thought of it.

5. Never have I ever feigned the death of a relative to get out of a situation

Sometimes we use creative and somewhat irrational means to get out of situations. You might have done this or someone you know did it. To make it more hilarious, were they asked to prove it?

6. Never have I ever broken something at a friend’s house and failed to tell them

Maturity and responsibility are good character traits. However, sometimes they fail us when we get in embarrassing situations. The answer to this question can change a lot depending on whether it happened when they were a kid or much later in life. Details such as what was broken and what they did to cover it up make the story funny.

7. Never have I ever walked into something or tripped over while text walking

In this smartphone era, chances are that you’ve done it.

8. Never have I ever flirted/cried my way out of trouble

We all have occasional run-ins with the authorities even when we least intend to. As a way of getting out of the situation, some people shed tears to get remorse. How about those who flirt with that hot cop to avoid a speeding ticket? Some have succeeded while others were less fortunate and failed. The failures might end up funnier than the successes.

9. Never have I ever snooped through a friend’s phone/bedroom/bathroom

This could be the reason your friends have to watch their phones around you. We all know people who’d do this anytime any day. Sometimes curiosity also gets the better part of us and go through our friends’ stuff. If the answer is yes, narrate what you wanted to see if they caught you and how you walked away with it.

10. Never have I ever been caught sneaking into a movie

No matter how hard they try, it is a bit hard for movies theatres to keep people from sneaking into movies. You partner is possibly one of the people who’ve done it before or do it occasionally. If so, were they caught?

11. Never have I ever hurt someone by mistake

Games and sports are fun. But sometimes they get a bit physical, and we end up hurting friends. Remember that time you broke a friend’s arm on the trampoline?

12. Never have I ever performed on the street to make money

This question might make you realize your partner has a hidden talent. They might have played because they were broke or solely for the fun of it.

13. Never have I swam naked in a pool or the ocean

Yeah, skinny dipping is a fun activity to some but not quite to others. If yes, who were you with? Whose idea was it? How was the experience?

More Tips for Choosing Questions for This Game

Whether you are playing to get to know your partner better or just for the fun of it, there are a few things you need to remember when playing.

  • The setting is vital– Some of the questions can be used even with friends and family around. However, others should only be asked when you are in private together.
  • Unsurprising answers– If you have been in the relationship for a while, you most probably know a lot of details about your partner. Please steer clear of any questions whose answers you already know. When you ask these questions, you might end up ruining the fun of the game.
  • Have fun– Never have I ever is a fun game to play even with friends. Try not to overthink when playing with your partner. Choosing the questions should be spontaneous, so make sure you keep them light and fun.

Final Thoughts

Never have I ever is such an awesome game to play. It might seem a bit awkward when there are only two players. However, it is such a great way to start a conversation and boost your intimacy. You can be left amazed even by the most intimate and fun questions.

When choosing the questions, consider the setting as some are better when asked privately. Only ask questions whose answers you are not already aware of and don’t overthink while playing. Have fun.

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