Questions to Ask Friends That Spark Great and Deep Conversations

Questions to Ask Friends

One of the significant proven ways to keep our health in check is by keeping friends. As you age and lose interest in the things that excite during youthhood, friends become vital. They help increase your happiness as the sunset days creep in. As a result, you tend to live a longer life and attain other health benefits. 

Making friends as an adult, however, can be quite a challenge. But even more difficult and complicated is keeping and holding on to old friends as the years pass by. Nonetheless, building such relationships, and maintaining them, of course, should never be seen as a waste of time. It is worth the time and effort you put in to build the trust. 

Are you at times lost in your world, thinking of questions to ask friends? Let’s admit it. Sometimes, even the best of buddies will run out of words in their conversations and find themselves staring at each other. And it is not strange to lack what to say at times. 

Keeping a Discussion Lively?

How then do you ensure you have effective communication? Are you just starting your dating life, and you aren’t sure of how to sustain a lively conversation? Building a strong relationship with your girlfriend, for example, will heavily rely on the right questions you ask each time you are together. In the same way, to ensure a lasting relationship with your friends, you will need to focus more on the right questions to ask.

It doesn’t always matter how long you have known each other. Whether it is a 50 years friendship, or you’re just beginning to get to understand one another, you must be aware of questions to keep with you. We’ve come up with some of the most popular questions to ask a friend, and therefore deepen and strengthen your friendship. So next time you are out on a date, or with a precious friend and you’re at a loss of words, we’ve got you covered. Here are the 40 questions to spice up your friendship.

Typical Questions to ask your friend

Get to know the necessary information about your friends. Dig deep and let them open about their daily life, struggles, and what they generally think about your friendship.

1. What is the one thing that makes you love yourself?

Your friends probably want to hear something that not only motivates them but also which boosts their ego. It would be essential to find out if they are dealing with self-esteem issues. Throw in this question, let them identify what makes them confident, and make them know they are as important as anyone else. 

2. What Has Been the Most Memorable moment this year?

Life generally is complicated, and there is always pressure to succeed in a particular field. We are all up each morning, chasing on our dreams and ambitions. Be there to remind your friend that despite the difficulties during that year, there are still moments that lit up their path. Encourage them to focus more on the positives.

3. Who was your most excellent motivator?

We have been told several times that the people we keep around greatly influence our success stories. Simply put, the more successful people we engage, the higher the probability of attaining that success. Let your friend disclose to you that person that has inspired them.

4. Would you not mind changing this about yourself?

All of us have those annoying habits that sometimes we may not be aware of but keep dragging us behind. However, there are also just some positive things in our lives we wouldn’t want to change but only improve on them. If you know what your friend wants to improve on, then it is better for your friendship.

5. Do you have those emotions that bother you every time?

Human beings are naturally wired to be emotional. We all have our unique ways to respond to different situations. Asking your friend this type of question makes them aware of their surroundings and reminds them of who they are.

6. What is your favorite website?

The internet is flooded with all kinds of information. However, not all of us are looking for the same things. What is the first stop website tour friend slides into each time they are online?

7. Would you love to die at forty or eighty?

Life is full of challenges. However, the thought of dying is one aspect that shakes us to the core. Would you rather die in your prime age or when you are old enough? Which one does your friend prefer?

8. What do you remember about your childhood hood?

We all grew up somewhere. Maybe in some posh neighborhood, or just in some random countryside. Whichever the place, we all have that one thing we liked about these hoods. What were your friends?

9. An exciting adventure you would want to take on?

A walk up the mountain or an afternoon out skating? There are many fun-filled escapades you can engage in.

10. After work, how do you cool off?

Getting back to the house, all exhausted and bored, is a common occurrence for most of us. We all get back to the house tired, yet we are expected to report back the next day. How does your friend prepare for the next day’s work?

Funny Questions to Ask Friends

Funny Questions to Ask Friends

We all love those lively and engaging discussions. I mean those talks which could take a whole day and you would never get bored. Maybe you can sample these types of questions to spice up your conversation. Is it not fun, having a discussion where you all laugh and get to know one another better.

1. What’s the bizarre thing you ever did on a date?

Not any of you on a date know how o handle this situation. You are all uneasy and want to bring your best behaviors forward. What is that one strange thing your friend did on their first date?

2. What joke tickles you up-to-date?

You want to get hilarious stories, don’t you? Why not just ask directly from your friend? Let your friend take you through some of the most amusing stories they have heard. The conversation can be interesting if they can remember those hilarious moments and narrate them to you like they happened just the other day. 

3. What is the ridiculous fact, you know?

What else can keep a conversation more engaging and exciting than those intriguing facts and stories? Let your friend bring you to speed with a ridiculous story they have ever heard, and rightfully, laugh about it.  

4. The last time you did some laundry?

We all have those friends who rarely do laundry on their own. It is the last thing they would ever wish to have. If you are a friend who knows this trick, you should ask them intentionally this question. I bet they will open up and go ahead to tell you how many days they can have jeans on. Wouldn’t that be laughable?

5. Have you been forced to lie at one time?

Remember that time you were in a fix and needed a way out. Preferably still, try getting back to that moment you needed some favor from a friend, and you had to lie to get it. We all lie, not once, not twice, but on many occasions. Ask your friend which lie is it that they had to tell to get off the hook.

6. What is that feature in a human being that doesn’t exist and you would like to create?

Technology has made life generally more comfortable. However, there are many complications complicated with it, as well. Is there something your friend feels the body should have to do work or to walk easier?

7. Which one can you do without, putting on clothes or your mobile phone?

Mobile phones have taken the place of physical communications. We are always on a call, sending messages, or on skype. Get to know whether your buddy would give away clothes just to be near their phone.

8. Would you rather be a cow or a goat?

We know all these animals are domesticated. But, which one among them would your friend prefer to be, if given a chance?

9. Eat one type of food for the whole of your life, or starve instead?

Is there somebody who can survive on an empty stomach? I doubt, not possible. The kind of food we eat matters as well. Now imagine waking up to fried chips all your life. Which one would be better: feed on the fries or starve to death?

10. Is a hotdog some warmed up dog meat?

Do not be surprised. Some people haven’t even seen hotdogs. Now imagine telling them you have a hotdog for dinner. What would be their reaction? Is it some dog meat? Find out from your friend.

Controversial Questions to Inquire from Friends

Controversial Questions to Inquire from Friends

We all have those moments when we do things that aren’t just expected of us. I mean, just waking up one day and announcing you would want to be buried with your favorite car in the same grave. Asking that weird, odd yet funny question is a block of perfect ice to break the silence in any social setting. 

1. Would you instead be cremated or buried

Nothing is as sure as death. We are all confident that, at some point, we are going to breathe our last. It is a terrifying realization for some. Maybe you should ask your friend what he prefers between burial and cremation. See how he reacts to this.

2. How many people have you slept with?

Not many of us would want to throw out their love life in the limelight. At least, not for many of us who view a relationship as God-ordained and private life. Evoke emotions and let them disclose how many ladies or men they have been to bed with. It is controversial but keeps a conversation as lively as it could get.

3. Would you wish to know your time of death or how you will die?

The death debate is not a conversation, so many of us want to have openly. We know it is inevitable, but we would rather have it in hush tones. It is an uncomfortable question but ask it, all the same, to keep the conversation going.

4. Sit in the snow while it is falling or dance in the rain?

A Dance in the rain could end up in a catastrophe. Stories of people being struck by lightning are all over our engine searches. Maybe it is time you found out from your friend whether they would take jig in the rain. It is an opportune moment to know how crazy they can be. 

5. Are you still a virgin?

What perception do your friends have of you? Do they think you are that spoilt brat who started having sex ahead of time? Are you wrongly misjudged? Well, this is also a chance to get your friend’s view. Why not ask him whether he’s tried it before and get those strange answers. 

6. Are you comfortable with the kids around you?

Who else could be as innocent and honest as kids? It would be strange to find someone who rarely accepts the company of children. Is your friend one of them?

7. Do you remember the first time a police officer approached you? Did you run away?

The general perception of the police is somewhat negative. The first time you came face to face with a police officer, did you try to escape?

8. A lie detector for your girlfriend or mother?

It is not all the time we tell the truth. Sometimes we have to tell lies to get away with some mistakes. Between the mother and girlfriend, who does your friend least trust?

9. Do you remember something you borrowed but intentionally refused to return?

You need to visit your in-laws, but all your clothes are not fitting you well. The clothes you borrow turn out to be your favorite. Do you return or assume all the same? Find out.

10. If you ever spill food, do you go for another one?

That time you are eating when you accidentally spill everything. Do you get to the kitchen and prepare another meal, or you pick it up all the same?

Profound Questions to Ask Your Friends

Profound Questions to Ask Your Friends

Apart from your family, there are no other people who know you better than your friends. Engage them in those deep and personal questions to get to know them even better. 

1. Are there family members you can find easy to confide in than others?

There is always that brother you like more than the rest. Or is maybe that younger sister you feel so close to. And why do you think so? Your friend should be able to take you through this family relationship and experience. 

2. Which is your least favorite food, and why?

Maybe it is about time you knew what doesn’t fit in her menu. It is vital so that next time you are all out, you will not have to bother her worth that plate of rice she doesn’t give a damn about. Knowing the type of food your friend likes makes you understand them more.

3. The worst boyfriend you have ever had?

Well, not all relationships end just the way we would have wanted. Some are brought to an abrupt halt by minor issues. However, there is that boyfriend; you know that even if you were to be offered a million dollars, you would never go back to them. 

4. Your most significant accomplishment in life so far?

It is everybody’s vision to have attained something at a certain age. Does your friend have that one extraordinary accomplishment they regard as one of the best in their lives? If there is any, let them open up about it.

5. What is your most humiliating recollection? 

We all have that one time when we wished the earth would open up and sink with us. The occasion might have been so embarrassing that you regretted why you were born. Let your friend narrate to you their experience, instead.

6. Any principle that guides you in life?

We all should have and live by a philosophy. At least, that is what makes us unique in life. Is there that one value that your friend religiously keeps?

7. Are you the talkative or calm one? 

The most talkative ones are domineering at times. The quite ones, it is hard to notice their presence.

8. Any principle that guides you in life?

We all should have and live by a philosophy. At least, that is what makes us unique in life. Is there that one value that your friend religiously keeps?

9. A date with your exe?

We all know of those breakups that ended violently. However, we still see some of them meet up for coffee. Can your friend do that?

10. Your favorite song?

You either have a whole afternoon listening to country music, or a peaceful night immersed in some nostalgic jazz?